Review: You’ve Got Fail by Celia Aaron



Author: Celia Aaron
Pages: 332


She’s driving me crazy. Or am I the one driving myself crazy? I can’t tell anymore. Ever since Scarlet Rocket showed up in the flesh, she’s turned my structured world upside down. My neatly ordered life, my hand-painted Aliens versus Vampires figurines, my expertly curated comics collection–none of these things provide any shelter from her sexy, sassy onslaught. It’s a disaster of my own making. She didn’t exist until I created her. Now, I can’t get her out of my mind, and all I want to do is get her into my bed. Never mind that she’s a thief, a liar, a con-woman. Every step she takes leaves chaos in her wake. And damn if I don’t want more of it.

Confession time!! I have a “thing” for cute/hot romance book covers. A “thing” that makes me purchase books without giving much thought about the blurb. But, being honest, in the Romance genre the couple of paragraphs from the back cover is useless more often than not. So, getting a book just for the frontpage eye candy is not as bad as it looks, isn’t it? Am I trying to convince the readers or myself?

This book had a cute shirtless guy smirking… I’m human, ok? In this case, the cover wasn’t the only sexy part of the book. The blurb was kind of interesting and different from any Romance book I have ever read. Willis is an antisocial nerd (his words, not mine) that writes a popular blog about relationships. He signs the blog as Scarlet Rocket, so the whole world thinks the author is a woman. But, one day a woman appears in a party telling everybody that she is Scarlet Rocket. Obviously, Willis is not too happy about that and run to intercept her.

This should be the recipe of a crazy fun book with lots and lots of banter between Willis and the con-woman. At least is what I was expecting, so I am a bit disappointed that it’s not really the case. The sense of humor of the author is not what I thought it would be. Let’s say is more phallic than witty. Once I have accepted that fact, I could adapt my mind to enjoy what she offers. The book is funny, I’ll give Celia that. My favourite parts of the book is when Jason is around and Willis behave like a fanboy. Those mentions of his inner nerd are priceless!!!

Reading the blurb I imagined a pretty fresh dynamic among Willis and fake Scarlet. I mean, usually in Romance books women are the mark and the men, the conmen; but this book is the opposite. So I was ready for some new interactions among the main characters that I have never read before. It’s not the case, though. As soon as they meet, the flow of the book mimics the one from any other mainstream Romance book. And that happens in the first chapter, so… Bummer!!

But what is really driving me crazy (in the bad sense) is that contradiction named Willis. He is an antisocial guy who somehow is a guru of sex. He is a hermit that somehow is a hunk. A very respectful guy who behaves like a caveman… Make up your mind!! I hate labels, but the author should have picked one instead of that crazy mix that sometimes doesn’t make anysense.

I haven’t mentioned that the book is written in first person from the point of view of Willis and fake Scarlet. I’m not a big fan of first person books, but I’m always eager to read one in the Romance genre if that point of view is from a man. Those are scarce in my opinion. I enjoy reading the sexy parts (ok, ok… the sex parts) from a man perspective. Usually, Romance books are all about the pleasure of the woman, as if men didn’t care about getting some. So I was expecting some sex and feelings narrated by Willis, but… in those moments, Celia always switches to Scarlet. Again…. Bummer!!

But, if something has made me drop a star for this book is the end. The “ring treatment”? Really? It’s so out of character for Willis and Scarlet. It leaves such a sour aftertaste… After so many years reading Romance books I should already be armored against the sudden proposals, but in this book it’s waaaaay more annoying.

The book is a roller coaster. Sometimes you are high believing you are reading the best book in the world, but shortly you will be taken down to the most forgettable book… and up again… and down after that… etc. It can make you dizzy, actually. Being said all that, I must admit it’s a fun read.


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