Review: Bad Boy M.D. by Virna DePaul



Author: Virna DePaul
Series: Bad Boy Doctors #1
Pages: 188


It was only meant to be a dating app hookup. Turns out HeartBreaker531 isn’t an anonymous medical student after all—he’s my new chief resident…

As one of the top cardiac surgeons in the United States, Dr. Lauren Decker is fearless in the operating room, but her personal life is a different story. After her surgeon ex-husband cheated on her with a nurse half his age, Lauren has sworn off men—doctors, specifically. Never again.

But one day, the sexy and infuriatingly cocky Ryan Castle arrives. Looking to be the newest resident on staff, he challenges Lauren’s resolve to protect her heart. He’s gorgeous, ten years younger, a smartass at the top of his game, and soon, Lauren finds herself fighting fantasies of late-night trysts in the cardiology wing.

Like Lauren, Ryan’s been burned by love, but what starts out as an irresistible challenge to get Lauren into bed soon turns into more. She’s fighting what she feels by giving him the cold shoulder, and there’s only one thing to do.

Even though I don’t consider Contemporary Romance one of my favourite genres, I read quite a lot of them. There are several reasons: they tend to be rather short books and those covers… they know how to hook my naughty side! If the book is MF, there are a couple of things that attract me the most: fun books and cocky male characters. And I say cocky, not disrespectful as they often are. I don’t think this book is funny (although now and then, you will laugh), so I picked it after reading the following line of the blurb: “the sexy and infuriatingly cocky Ryan Castle“. When I read this, my brain yells: banter!! And I love me some banter!! The book delivers, by the way.

This book is about Lauren, a very successful cardiologist that is almost 40 years old. A year ago, her husband cheated on her with a nurse and since then she has been lonely and buried in her job. After a short break, she tried a dating app and had cyber-sex with one guy way younger than her. The twist: thay guy was the new resident under her tutelage. Here begins a fight between what her heart wants and what her job demands. Or better said, what she thinks the job demands.

Even though the title says “Bad Boy”, I wouldn’t call Ryan that. He is the classic handsome, sexy and hunkish romance character; but there is not an ounce of Alpha on him (sorry, Ryan). He is not dominant or demanding or brusque in any way. Quite the opposite. He is very attentive, very respectful, playful in a sweet way. Virna tried to tell us he is a womanizer, but it’s a lie. He doesn”t like to play with the feelings of other people. Yes, he is a good match!! After several MF books where the male characters were kind of macho male, Ryan is a more than welcome change of pace.

Actually, I think he should get a statue or at least a street named after him. Not many guys would endure Lauren’s behaviour as much as he does. I don’t dislike the female main role, but I don’t like it either. She says over and over again that she is a very independent woman, strong and sure of herself; but she doesn’t show it. Lauren is obsessed with her reputation, almost enslaved to it. It defines her whole life. One chapter she is kissing Ryan, accepting the best thing in her life; the next she barely speaks to him, sick worried about what her work mates would say. And over and over again. The fact that Ryan endures all that speaks volumes about that character.

To make things more interesting, Lauren’s ex-husband is added to the mix to stir the fire. Samuel is a jerk and I hope Virna is not thinking about giving him a book. I wouldn’t like to read a happy story for that guy.

There are not many sex scenes during the book, but I must confess that they are pretty good. Ryan has most of the merit, due to the points I have mentioned before. He is so sweet and attentive, that the naughty parts are extra sexy.

What I like the least was the end of the book. Are they really living a happily ever after? The realtionship has had a very rocky start and they haven’t really talked about anything important. I don’t know… I have the feeling it’s not going to last. Lauren is still very insecure and sooner or later that will be an issue. Buuuut, it’s the end. No more books for these two. The next one are different characters.

I really enjoyed this one. It was an unexpected nice book that I only picked because “the cover is hot“. Never judge a book by its cover, I guess.

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