Review: Spinning Out by Lexi Ryan



Author: Lexi Ryan
Series: The Blackhawk Boys #1

Pages: 464


Once, the only thing that mattered to me was football—training, playing, and earning my place on the best team at every level. I had it all, and I threw it away with a semester of drugs, alcohol, and pissing off anyone who tried to stop me. Now I’m suspended from the team, on house arrest, and forced to spend a semester at home to get my shit together. The cherry on my fuckup sundae? Sleeping in the room next to mine is my best friend’s girl, Mia Mendez—the only woman I’ve ever loved and a reminder of everything I regret.

I’m not sure if having Mia so close will be heaven or hell. She’s off-limits—and not just because she’s working for my dad. Her heart belongs to someone else. But since the accident that killed her brother and changed everything, she walks around like a zombie, shutting out her friends and ignoring her dreams. We’re both broken, numb, and stuck in limbo.

Until I break my own rules and touch her.
Until she saves me from my nightmares by climbing into my bed.
Until the only thing I want more than having Mia for myself is to protect her from the truth.

I can’t rewrite the past, but I refuse to leave her heart in the hands of fate. For this girl, I’d climb into the sky and rearrange the stars.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

After reading a great book, the next one usually has way too big shoes to fill. Making comparisons is not fair, but it is human and unavoidable. The book that brings me here today is an example of that. I think I could have enjoyed it a bit more if I weren’t still surfing the wave of the greatness that is the Texting saga by Teagan Hunter. It doesn’t help at all that both books have similar elements.

In this first step of the Blackhawk Boys saga we meet Arrow (no, it is not Oliver Queen…), a football star who is under house arrest after some trouble with drugs and alcohol. That is the same house where Mia works as a nanny, maid, cook and everything domestic you can imagine. Mia and Arrow know each other and, for reasons, dislike each other and are not very friendly. Obviously, they end naked sooner rather than later… Naked in each other arms, in case that wasn’t clear.

I’m going to start with the good: the story is nice. Or at least most of it is. Well, maybe just the main thread of the story. Anyway, it is a nice setting with all the pieces in the right place. There is even a bit of a whodunit to keep the reader engaged. Yes, I know that is not really true, but if you really believe that the person pointed as the culprit was really the one… you need to read more Romance… So, yeah, there was a bit of a mystery to know who the killer was. I’m being generous there. It was pretty easy to know what happened, but the getting there was fun and interesting. I only wondered why Arrow was incapable of filling the holes waaaay sooner.

Too bad the story is drowned by a screaming horde of dramatic elements. I like drama as much as the next guy. I consider it a nice spice to bring some emotion to a Romance novel. But, it has to be measured very carefully or you could end with a dish too hot to handle. Let’s say that, in this case, the measuring cup of the author had to be broken and the book got ten times the required amount of drama. We must not forget that we are talking about very young people who are barely in their twenties, so at some point the bad luck in their lives feels unrealistic. Mia was abandoned by her mother, her brother a criminal who ended in jail, her father a drunk who treated her mother poorly, she barely has money, her brother was murdered in front of her, her boyfriend suffered irreparable brain damaged, her father lost his job, her mother had an affair with her father’s job… etc, etc… And that is just Mia. It is exhausting to read about all the drama in their lives. I wanted to sympathize with them, but it was too much. I couldn’t stomach half of it and the blows kept coming. That made the reading more boring than expected.

Then we have the main characters: Mia and Arrow (still without a green hoodie…). I can admire Mia’s way of facing life after everything she has suffered, but that’s about all the positive I can say. I ended the book yelling: “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT????” She has the hugest poroblem of self-esteem I have seen. She doens’t live, she survives. Mia keeps stuffing her mouth with crumbs when she could feast if she were more honest with herself. That’s the reason I do not believe her relationship with Arrow. In my opinion, she is with him just because he is available and good to her. There is zero spark. There was also zero spark with the former boyfriend or even with Sebastian in that weird date (what was that???). About Arrow I have little to say. Very basic character that just gets his role done withoout any kind of flourish. A bit gullible sometimes.

The book misses all its chances of humor, even though the situation was apropos for a good laugh. The enemies to lovers dance was a mess, that barely makes sense at all. Why do Arrow and Mia hate each other? What is the reason? I think I was given one, but it’s the weakest excuse I have read in a long time. You have failed this troupe

So, yeah. The book has more cons than pros. But the second book looks like it could be lighter, so the hope is not lost!


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