Review: Join the Club by Charlie Cochet



Author: Charlie Cochet
Series: Four Kings Security #3

Pages: 261


Eduardo “Lucky” Morales is a fighter, from his childhood days in Cuba to his time as a Special Forces Green Beret. Scarred by the wars of his past, Lucky has learned nothing lasts forever. Guarding his heart is second nature, and getting emotionally involved is not an option. As co-owner of Four Kings Security, Lucky works hard alongside his former brothers-in-arms and fellow Kings, but he also plays hard. Flirting with sexy Texas cowboy and detective, Mason Cooper, is too much fun to resist, until Mason turns the tables on him.

Mason Cooper may not be a soldier, but he’s fought his share of battles as an openly gay cop and now a detective for Major Crimes. Mason has no idea when things changed between him and Lucky, but the gorgeous, fiery Cuban has turned his world upside down. When a mistake leads to his suspension from the force, Mason turns to the least likely person for help: Ward Kingston.

Determined to keep Mason at arms’ length, Lucky is surprised to find the man at Four Kings Security. The Florida nights might be getting cooler, but the heat between Lucky and Mason burns hotter with every passing moment. Working private security can be dangerous and unpredictable, but so can falling in love.

When I started this saga, Charlie Cochet was a new author to me. It was love at first sight: good sense of humor, enjoyable characters, good romance and good side plots. The second book was a confirmation, but this third book has been kind of a step backwards… or half a dozen. It is not a bad one, but it lacks almost all the traits that made me fall in love with the Kings and company.

This time we follow the misadventures of Lucky, Ace’s cousin who is a womanizer and manizer (does that word exist?). He doesn’t want to commit to any relationship, which creates a conflict with the other leg of the story: Mason Cooper. The bigger than life Cowboy who is also a detective and wants a piece or twenty of the Cuban who is stealing his sleep hours. A misstep of Mason gets him suspended, so he asks for a temporal job in Four Kings Security. Fate or luck, his first boss is not other tan Lucky himself…

My biggest issue with this book is the plot itself. The previous ones had a much bigger mystery that helped to keep the readers engaged with the story at the same time we enjoyed the romance. This one is too much hugs and too few punchs. I wouldn’t even put it in the same shelf as the first two books, due to the lack of a real mystery plot. Yes, there are some nods here and there about Mason’s past, but it is pretty lazy and basic with an ending that was unremarkable and lacking any kind of emotion. So, if I ignore the fact that the mystery is almost equal to null and try to surround myself with the proper dispostion to catch and follow this change of pace in the saga, I still get a pretty weak book.

I’m not saying everything is horrible, not at all. It has some good chunks that are very enjoyable, like the one where Lucky and Mason have to protect a young actress. Now and then the book shines, which makes the reading bearable. It is just the feeling of reading to getting nowhere was pretty hard to shake. I blame the overwhelming use of sex scenes. There are too many. Their only task is to fill pages and pages with two hot guys having adult fun. Which is good in small dosis, but with this overdose I got sick pretty fast. It sucks, because I really like both characters and I wanted to enjoy the journey of their love. My fault for thinkings it was going to be an exotic adventure fill with the thrill of danger… Instead, I only got sex, sex, more sex and waaaaaaaaaaaay too many “Darlin’s“.

I think I liked the characters much better before this book. Well, being honest my opinion about Lucky hasn’t changed (I still think I barely know him), but Mason is in a worst position on my list. For some reason I thought he was in the sweet size of the spectrum, but, actually, he is much more Alpha than expected. That took me by surprise. But instead of embracing that new aspect of him, the author tries to grant him some cuteness with the constant “Darlin’” for Lucky… I couldn’t fit both aspects in the same character to the point that I hated every time Mason used that word. Absurd little details that make the reading heavier than normal…

As always, the very best part of the book is every page Ace takes part in. I love that character a ton. I love him 3000!! (*wink*). He is one of my favourtie goofy characters. Everything he does makes me smile. His shenanigans are the highlight of a book that won’t leave a dent in my journey as a reader.

Next is King’s book. It looks promising, thanks to the the lengthy epilogue where his story has been introduced. At least it seems there is going to be more action and a more vivid romance. Fingers crossed!!


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