Review: Summer Nights by Jill Sanders



Author: Jill Sanders
Series: Wildflowers #1

Pages: 285


Zoey Rowlett knows putting her savings into a run-down summer camp is risky. But River Camp has sentimental value—it’s where she met her best friends and coinvestors. Their plan is to turn the Florida camp into a sexy retreat for wealthy snowbirds looking for love, and if Zoey finds love, too, that would be just fine.

Dylan Rhodes and his brothers are on a secret mission to find their father. He’s absconded with a large sum of money, and Dylan thinks he might be buzzing around this wild new summer camp. Hoping for answers, Dylan takes a job at the camp. But every time he sees Zoey, he forgets what he’s looking for.

Zoey and Dylan have a lot on their plates already, but all they want to do is devour each other. Can Dylan keep his eyes off Zoey’s bikini and stay focused? And can Zoey keep her hands off Dylan long enough to run the camp?

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I finished the book almost a week ago, but my lack of freetime has kept me from writting the review. I have been replaying the book in my head to get an idea about what I want to talk about, but nothing worth mentioning comes to mind. I guess I will keep this one short and to the point. Unless I start rambling like right now… Let’s do this!!

In this story we cross paths with Zoey, a young ex-athlete who has decided to open a business with her dear friends. All of them met in a Summer Camp for privileged girls, that sadly had to close. With more hope than sense, they transformed the place into a camp for adults. That means lots of activities and personnel, so nobody should be surprised when they hired without much questioning the three young men (good looking, muscles to feed an army… you know the type) who went looking for a job. Dylan is among those three brothers. They have a mission of their own, Will secrets get in the way of love? You will have to read the book to know the answer. Clue: this book is no different from most of the books in this genre.

First thing I must say: the first chapters of the book are beyond horrible. So boring. So much useless info about everybody’s hairstyle. I couldn’t handle the group of friends at first and the book was in serious danger of getting a serious kick in its backcover. But it gets better. Actually, it gets much, much better. When the three hunkies enter the picture, the book gets a new dimension sorely needed. We are presented a plot of secrets, hidden agendas and a soft mystery being revealed little by little. That is actually the spark that keeps the book warm. But it is also that same spark that leaves the reader wanting more and with a weird aftertaste. If it was meant as a cliffhanger, it was one poorly planned. I LOVE cliffhangers, but this ending is too lazy to be considered one.

The characters are mostly OK. Noone on my good or bad side. Zoey and Dylan fit perfectly in the story we are told. Their relationship is well written, with well defined phases as I like. There is even a bit of banter, which I will always point out as something very positive to keep a light mood. The main problem is that they don’t make me feel anything. I wasn’t invested in the romance, but there is nothing wrong with it. It just lacks spice or something to make it relevant. The extended cast of the book doesn’t have too big a role to form an opinion, but I will say I don’t like that so many future books have already been started. I hope I’m not cheated from the good parts in a romance…

But the big elephant in the room during the whole book is the “What?” factor. And I don’t mean the revelation of exciting secrets. It is the whole “Let’s build a camp for adults with our zero knowledge of accounting, our meager finances and null experience“. The oldest girl in the book is 21 or 22. No more. The five of them get together and create the camp with tons of activities, famous chefs and rather big staff… while at the same time we are told they don’t have much money. I couldn’t shake how ridiculous everything sounded. I still don’t know how they are paying all of that and still get profit. As a reader I’m used to the make-believes, but I have limits…

And that is not the only time I had to deal with that limit. Is Dylan for real? I mean, he is also about 22 and 23 but it seems he has been alive for 40 or so. The author has made the guy (and his brothers) a too experienced person for his age. I’m not sure you can cramp so much journey into such young man. The cherry on top is the time when he mentions to Zoey his former longterm relationships. Yes, with an S. So, in between a crazy life where he can travel the world and also have many hours as a pilot, he was capable of enjoying several relationships that lasted long enough to be considered longterm… I guess he must be counting the time he shared a pacifier with the cute little girl in the park when he was 18-months-old, the time he kissed in the cheek the girl from his school when he was 5-years-old or even the time in highschool when he had a crush on the popular girl, but never had the courage to say something. Otherwise I do not understand how can he talk about longterm relationshipS.

It’s a nice book, but it is hindred by the fact that the characters are too young. Besides, I don’t understand why the author picked that age and then worked with them as if they were much older. It’s a bit off-puting. I know I have whined too much about that, but the plot is very enjoyable and I will read the next ones when they are available.


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