Review: He’s a Brute by Chloe Liese



Author: Chloe Liese
Series: Tough Love #1

Pages: 263


Every good scientist knows the second law of thermodynamics: the universe’s disorder, entropy, is always increasing. Professionally and personally speaking, Nairne’s familiar with the principle. After a streak of costly fame, now she’s set on saving the world, microscope in hand, and there’s no time for romance. Problem is, when a rude, despicably sexy Adonis shows up to run their board meeting, chemistry and its ensuing chaos become more than a formula—now they’re a burning hot reality.

Mafia prince. Professional footballer. Bad boy demeanor and a reputation for being as talented between the sheets as he is on the pitch. Rumors are the man’s an absolute brute. And he turns out to be just as demanding, controlling and vicious in person as he is on paper. The Law of Attraction’s proven true, as Nairne finds herself accepting Zed’s proposal: rough, wild stress release, more orgasms than she can count, and most importantly—no falling in love.

Agreement in place. End date secured.

No attachments. No forever.What could possibly go wrong?

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I am a newbie at NetGalley, so I’m guilty of comitting the mistake of being too tempted but that cute “Request” button that knows my name and has the alluring voice of a siren. I have clicked it too much and now I have a big pile of ARCs that I need to review. I’m so late that they can’t barely be called ARC now!! So, my summer goal is to get rid of as much of those as I can without changing my reading habits. And stop clicking that damn button!!

This book is the first one in a trilogy where we follow the misadventures of Nairne, a former athlete (soccer player) who was injured and had to reamke her future as a brilliant scientist. While she is studying, she is also gaining experience working for a non-profit company. The big boos of that company is not other than Zed, a current soccer star, businessman and mafia boss. Sparks fly between them the moment they meet. Can Nairne deal with the special flavour of Zed’s lifestyle? Just one way to know…

I have to take out of my chest my impression of tthe book after finishing it: very disappointing!. It is a huge shame, because the author had gold between her hands: wonderful characters, original situations, chances of good banter… But everything is eclipsed with the BDSM part of the story. Yes, Zed is a dominant out and proud with an army of subs to do with them as he pleases. He wants to add Nairne to that roster and he doesn’t really have to work much to get it. Most of the book is just sex with those two. One bossing around the other: do this, wear that… obey, obey, OBEY!! The sex was underwhelming, even though I have to say it’s pretty well written, but that realtionship is not what the characters deserve. That focus on the dominant/sub rutine does a huge disservice to the interesting background where everything takes place.

I’m not a fan of Romance books where the mafia is involved. It’s a bit weird to follow the feelings of a character when one or all of them is a criminal. But in this case we are presented the usual story with a twist: Zed is working behind the scenes to get rid of the worst part of that world. I was 100% ready to read that story, that looked very promising and with endless possibilities. I guess I can still get that side of the tale in the following books, because in this first part is barely developed. Zed was a really great character already, with many facets and enjoyable quirks. That is why adding the dominant part feels so frustating. And much more when it is that part that takes the front row of the storytelling. He didn’t need it.

I also have to take my hat off to congratulate the author on that surprising character named Nairne. She is not the usual female character in a Romance book. I think this is the first time I have read a story of that genre with a disabled character. The dynamic of the main couple feels pretty original thanks to that detail. I love the fact that the wheelchair hasn’t made Nairne stop and take things easy. Nope. She has jumped head on to a new life and embrace all the possibilities of it. And I also love that Zed’s attitude doesn’t change when he discovers her paralysis. Eveytime the athor drops the dominant/sub bullshit, the couple is really awesome.

I feel mostly cheated by this book. It hasn’t told me what I expected after reading the blurb. I hope the next ones are focused on something else that Zed’s lifestyle as a dominant, because it lacks interest and cuts down time of the other plots that are more enjoyable. She’s a Spitfire is among my pile of ARCs, so I guess I will read it sooner rather than later.


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