Review: The Protective SEAL by Katie Knight



Author: Katie Knight
Pages: 241


Jack Williams has never felt so lost. For him, being a Navy SEAL wasn’t just a job, it was a way of life. Protecting people had always been his strength, until a career-ending injury forced him into retirement. He’s struggling to start over when he stumbles across a car in a ditch, springing him back into action. Only this is no random citizen in distress. He knows the pretty face behind the wheel. Intimately. In fact, there’s a good chance the baby in her arms is his.

One year ago, Samantha Engel was forced into witness protection to escape her ruthless mob-boss father. Jack had been her protector, and seeing her again now, in desperate need of help, stirs up a flood of emotions that catch Jack off-guard. Scheduled to testify against her dad, Sam is now on the run. Her father’s offering a pretty penny to anyone who can silence her for good. Jack may not the protector he once was, but he knows one thing for sure: if Sam and her baby are in trouble, he’s not letting them out of his sight.

With tensions running high and temptations running higher, Sam readily puts her life in Jack’s capable hands. Once the only person she could trust, she’d feared her daughter would grow up never knowing the man she owed her life to. But being back in Jack’s arms—and his bed—makes her heart pound like no time has passed. With the mob threat closing in, Jack knows failure isn’t an option. But even if they survive, Jack will have to fight to find a way to keep Sam and her daughter under his protection, or risk having to say good-bye again—this time for good.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I have to confess that I wasn’t expecting much about this book after the last one by Katie Knight I read. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Saving the SEAL Baby Daddy; but it is hard to point out something interesting about it after several months. So, the frenzy that is this book has caught me off-guard. I was ready to hate it, but the final veredict is far from what I thought it would be.

This time we follow Sam, the only daughter of a mafia boss who doesn’t want to take part in that world. Quite the opposite. She wants to bring her father down by testifying against him in the court. But the mafia boss is not going down that easy and has put a price to her daughter’s head. Luckily fir her, a brave SEAL team takes her to a secure position. There is guarded by no other than Jack. Due to the excitement of the chase, they blow some steam between the sheets and part their separate ways. One year later, Sam is still running for her life and, by chance, she ends in Jack’s town. He again accepts the protector role, except this time there is a young girl in the mix…

So, it happened again. A couple of adults forgot all about safe sex. At least this time they were in the middle of nowhere and not in a hotel of a town with plenty of commodities. And yes, the adrenaline was high this time and that could be an excuse. But what is not excusable are those Sam’s comments when they meet again: “Let’s have unprotected sex. What is the worst that could happen? Pregnancy?” Seriously?? Have you never heard about STDs? Did you know that people can get really sick because of them and even die? Are you absolutely certain that getting pregnant is the worst case scenario? I hate that they belittle such a huge problem…

Thankfully, this book has much more to offer; so I can forgive that misstep. This story is non-stop action with Jack and Sam running from one “safe” place to another, with bad guys chasing them every step of the way. Bad guys that do not held themselves and use every page of the Masters of Evil book to get what they want. We have showers of bullets, car chases, crooked cops, traps… A whole menu of action scenes that make this book a really fast and light reading. It keeps the reader engaged all the time, with little rest to catch your breath and put a bit of romance. In that aspect, the book is superb as a summer reading.

The characters are nothing extraordinaire or with any trait that set them apart from other couples in the Romance genre, but they fit seamlessly into the story. Sam is a remarkable strong woman, being capable of rising a kid while running from one place to another in order to save their lives. It is a wonder she is capable of trusting anyone after witnessing how her father can buy almost anyone to put them aganist her daughter. Jack is also a nice character. It is not the classic ex-soldier that becomes a policeman, detective or bodyguard. He has other dreams as a teacher and farmer, what possibly makes him be less robotic about human relationships. He is also the star of some of the cutest scenes of the book, where he researches in YouTube how to take care of a kid or the time he compares changing a diaper to assembling a rifle.

With those two as the main couple, the romance comes pretty easy. It is simple and sweet, with enough passion to suppress yawns. It is not mindblowing and it won’t leave a mark, but it is the perfect companion for the action. If you prefer more the romance side than the action one, then this book is not for you.

I must also congratulate the author on those chapters where Stefan gets the focus. Stefan is the father, the big bad mafia boss. And yes, he is evil and doesn’t deserve a second chance, but getting to know him a bit has been a nice touch that has made the story much richer. I hope the time in prison makes him reflect on his actions and realize he could haver been a much better person.


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