Review: Lost in Me by Lexi Ryan



Author: Lexi Ryan
Series: Here and now #1

Pages: 216


The last thing I remember is having drinks at Brady’s and trying to avoid eye-contact with my life-long crush—the gorgeous, unattainable Maximilian Hallowell. They tell me that was a year ago, but I have no memories of anything since then. What I do have is this ring on my finger that Max says he gave me, and this much-thinner body I’ve dreamed of most of my life. Aside from a case of retrograde amnesia, everything seems almost…perfect.

But the deeper I immerse myself into this new world of mine—planning a wedding to a man I don’t remember dating, attempting to run a business I don’t remember starting—the clearer it becomes that nothing is as it seems. Do I have the life I’ve always wanted or is it a facade propped up by secrets I don’t even know I have?

I need answers before I marry Max, and the only person who seems to have them is the angry, tatted, sexy-as-sin rocker Nate Crane. And Nate wants me for himself.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Love traingles must be one of the most popular cliches of the Romance genre, but truth be told I barely find them in books lately. I can’t remember when was the last time where a love trinagle (or even bigger polygons) was important in a story. Maybe the Sookie Stackhouse books? Anyway, this short trip through memory lane was just to announce that this book has a love triangle… but the way it is presented is quite original.

This first part of the story is told from the point of view of Hanna, a young woman who due to an accident has lost her memories of the last year. When she wakes up, she barely can recognize her life: thinner body, own bakery, a hottie as a fiancé… But everything that shines is not gold in nature, so she soon starts to see cracks in her new perfect life. One of the biggest ones: the stranger who is in her bed behaving like a secret lover… Now more than ever she needs her memories back. Little by little, the veil is lifted to uncover the truth.

The first book by Lexi Ryan that I read didn’t leave a good impression on me. Too much drama. So, when I took a look at the plot of this other book I was a bit exceptical. I was afraid of a replay of my previous experience with a story written by this author. It wasn’t a pleasant one. Thankfully, the drama in Lost in me is much more limited and makes much more sense. Besides, the way it is presented gives the story a pace more commonly found in Mystery books than Romance, but it is a pretty welcome one. In a few words: it is a page-turner. We are introduced to the new Hanna, where everything seems perfect, but in small dosis new details are presented that make her life stop looking like a fairy tale. What has happened in all those months? Is she happy or not? What is Max hiding? Who is Nate? And most importantly… was the accident truly an accident?

The mystery is unravaled in a very sweet slow pace. Yes, it is slow, but it never stops; so the reader is engaged at all times. And yes, I really liked this story, but I’m also a bit worried about the next two books. This is a trilogy and, even though there are still secrets and information missing, I have the feeling there is not going to be enough mystery to fill two more books. And without that mystery, the book would be pettry generic and lacking interest. But we will see… I could be totally wrong.

The love triangle is weird, but that is what makes it more fun. Hanna had a huge crush on Max the Hunk, but due to her insecurities she never asked him for a date. Big surprise when she wakes up and she is not only his girlfriend… she is sporting an engagement ring. Max looks like the perfect guy… all sweet talk and scorching attentions. But he is hiding something… And then we have Nate, the rocker who one day hop into Hanna’s bed and the poor woman almost had a heart attack. He obviously knew her intimately and it was clear that she was also having a relationship with him. Was she being unfaithful to the love of her life? I love how desperate she is for her memories aboout her peculiar love life. She admits having feelings for both of them, but she can’t understand why. She needs white and black answers, but Hanna always ends in the grey area… and we as readers know as much as she does, so it is also our task to put all the pieces together; which makes the reading more enjoyable. Right now, I don’t have a favourite hottie for her. I actually do not trust on any of them… There are still too many questions that need to be answered.

Sadly, the worst part of the book is Hanna herself. I sympathize with her insecurities, but sometimes she gets very annoying or even insulting. I don’t like when she puts all men in the same sack, the one with the “frivolous” label on it. I may prefer men, but I’m pretty sure most guys are ultimately more concerned about the woman herself than the size of her hips. So, the self-deprecating humor of Hanna gets old too fast… She behaves like a depressed woman who doesn’t have any support, but she is surrounded by friends and sisters with a very positive attitude towards her. Yes, there is an ogre dwelling nearby, one that should be slayed… but I still think the negative people is pretty much outnumbered in Hanna’s life. I hope that, in the next books, she starts focusing on the good she has and not in the so-called good she wants.

By the way, the ogre is not other than the mother. I hate her with a boiling passion. I expect her to be treated as the villain she is and that she gets the punishment she deserves. Worst mother ever!! She is selfish, unempathetic and thinks the world just spins around her. I blame her for the global unhapinnes of her daughter and it drives me crazy that she doesn’t care or, worst, that she doesn’t even notice. Your daughther barely remembers her boyfriend and you are pushind and pushing with the wedding!! I wanted to yell so loud everytime she is in the book. I demand a public flaying or something similar for her. If her psychological abuse is not treated as an issue in the next books I’m going to be very disappointed.

I have already add the next book to my TBR list, so I hope to read it sooner rather than later. Maybe even this year if I do my homewrok right. This one has left things in a very interesting setting…


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