Review: The Glue by K. Webster



Author: K. Webster
Pages: 290


I’m a fixer. A lover. Always searching for the right fit.
And I come up empty every time.
My desires are unusual.
I don’t feel whole until I’m in the middle, holding it all together.
Which makes having a romantic relationship really difficult.

Until them.
Two people. An unraveling marriage. Love on the rocks.
And they want me.
To put them back together again.

Problem is, once they’re fixed, where does that leave me?
I sure as hell hope I stick like glue.

You want see many reviews of Erotica books in my blog, because it is not a genre I usually like. But I keep trying and, sometimes, I find myself in front of an unexpected gem that makes me think there is a future for me and that genre. This book is one of those times. I can’t remember any other Erotica book that I have enjoyed as much as this one. I’m not saying it is perfect, but it has everything I like to find in this kind of stories.

In this short book we meet Aiden, a young college student who is struggling with his sexual identity. He is attracted to men and women equally and he has the feeling he should just pick one. It doesn’t help that one of his teachers is one of the hottest man alive he has ever met and that his new boss is the sexiest woman Aiden has ever seen. He is falling for both of them, but he has no clue his teacher and his boss are husband and wife. Will he be able to fix their failed marriage or will he be drown with them?

Every time I pick an Erotica book I prepare myself to stomach a insanely amount of sneaky sex scenes that make me yawn more often than not. It is what it is and I guess that appeals to some readers, but I usually prefer to know the characters’ names before the size of their hidden goods. That’s one of the reason I was greatly surprised by this book. Not only the author takes her time to present the characters, she also invests some chapters in putting a lot of weight in the emotional side of a relationship and mutual attraction. Some could say that just robs time from the sexy, dirty times; but, in my opinion, when we finally reach those moments they are ten times hotter due to the fact we have forged some connections with the people involved. They are just not meat having sex until reaching climax.

Even though I have enjoyed the dynamics of this particular trio, I am unable to shake the feeling that is mighty weird and a bit unfair for Aiden. Those self-doubts the young guy has during several moments are easily dismissed, but I think they should have been more important and addressed more deeply. It doesn’t help that he is constantly called the glue that keeps all of them together (it is even there, in the title). I know the intention of the author is making him a pivotal piece of the relationship to compensate for all the years of marriage between Vaughn and Vale, but it kept reminding me that he is just the fixer. Yes, I know he is told over and over again that he is more than that and he accepts the explanations; but I’m not that easily convinced. The pretty big age difference (20 years or so) is also a factor that feeds my doubts. None of them seem to mind about that, but it made me question about their future. Vaughn and Vale are soon going to reach a period of their lives where sex is not as appealing as before, while Aiden is still going to be in his prime. Yes, they claim over and over again that their relationship is more than sex, but it stil plays a huge role in their daily lives. What I want to say is that I think Vaughn and Vale won’t need Aiden as much as Aiden needs Vaughn and Vale (even though we are told the opposite). So I don’t know if in several years they will be able to give the young man what he needs and that is the same situation that almost broke their marriage the first time…

I’m glad that there is enough time to get to know the characters involved in the relationship. The story is told from the point of view of the three of them, so we always have a glance at their thoughts in almost every situation (which enhances the connection I talked about eralier). By far my favourite is Aiden. Apart from being a piece of marble beautifully sculpted, he is 100% a good guy. Loyal, big-hearted, good humored… It is no wonder that Vale and Vaughn are quickly drawn to him. The way he is described, he is a human magnet. I also love the way Vaughn and Vale behave around him when they first met him. Even though their marriage is in shambles, they are stubborn enough to avoid the temptation of becoming cheaters; and that is something I can respect. What makes me cringe a little bit is the reason why they had issues. Infertility is becoming more and more common now-a-days due to pollution and bad habits, so adoption should always be present as a possibility. I can’t understand why they punished themselves so harshly for something they can’t control and that they can solve rather easily.

Fast reading with wonderful characters and plenty of hot scenes, more in the sensual spectrum than in the dirty one. Perfect Erotica book if you are tired of the regurgitated BDSM elements so common since the disruption of a guy named Grey.


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4 thoughts on “Review: The Glue by K. Webster

  1. I have this sitting on my kindle and it’s been there awhile, I see it and then bypass it, I do love K Websters works, Her My Torin book is my book of the year for 2018, but with this, I was getting heartily sick of sex scenes, some are over used to the point its just one big yawn. So thank you, for this wonderful review, I might read it after all

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I enjoyed the book quite a lot, but if you have already sampled it and you didn’t like it, I wouldn’t bother. Each of us forge different connections with the books we read 🙂


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