Review: Her SEAL Rescuer by Katie Knight



Author: Katie Knight
Pages: 239


Benjamin Steele just wanted to go on a well-earned vacation in Alaska. But instead he finds himself on a flight with Megan Foster, the only woman he’d ever loved. When their plane goes down in a fiery crash, Benjamin finds himself acting as protector to Megan and her little charge, Logan. Making matters worse, he quickly realizes someone is out there trying to kill one of them. The Navy SEAL wasn’t looking for romance, especially not with her, but it’s hard not to think about what could’ve been when Megan is near him. As they work together to escape danger, Ben feels unwanted stirrings in a heart he’d nearly forgotten he had.

As Logan’s nanny, Megan knows two things—she needs to get Logan safely back to his parents, and that Ben is the best bet she has. Though he’d left her heartbroken years before, she trusts that he can protect them both. What she doesn’t realize is that Ben is a different man than the one who abandoned her, and it’s impossible to ignore the chemistry burning between them. As the danger increases and those hunting them draw ever closer, she’s finding it more difficult to resist his quiet strength. But will he still be around to protect her when they’re safe? Or will old habits kick in and leave her heartbroken once again?

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Not long ago I said I was ready to take a rest from ARC books through NetGalley. I’m the worst at keeping my own reading resolutions. I have gathered again a nice heap of ARCs that I will be reading sooner rather than later. The first copy is another one by Katie Knight. She usually brings some of the best stories for the Leslie North factory, but that is not really a big compliment.

This time we follow Ben, a SEAL soldier who wants to take some deserved vacations. In those plans there wasn’t any mention about having an unexpected encounter in the airport with a former flame. That past girfriend is not other than Megan, the person who he left abruptly when things were getting serious. She is going to board the same plane as Ben to take Logan to his parents, a couple of successful doctors who are in a medical conference. Will they be able to talk to each other to mend the wounds of their hearts? That was the plan. Too bad there is a villain nearby who wants to destroy Logan’s family anyway he can…

I really enjoy that Katie’s books try to find somekind of balance between the romantic part and the action. Sometimes that balance is very well handle (like the previous book by her I reviewed) and other times, like this story, we can barely talk about real balance. Yes, both aspects of the book are presented with more or less the same weight or, better said, percentage of pages. But the quality of the action is waaaaaay higher than the one of the romance. And that is the biggest problem for a book that is published as a Romantic Suspense one. Since the plane crash, the good guys are constantly in the run, in order to survive the elements and the two armed men that want them dead (or something… that part is still unclear). That keeps the reader engaged and eager to keep turning pages. And that’s the main virtue of the book.

Yes, the action is good and enjoyable, but many times it looks like the author was improvising it as she was writing the story. That is why there are several details that make no sense and the villain’s motiviations and plans change so often that everything looked like a bad joke. For example: the note in the plane. What was he trying to achieve with that note? A waste of time and paper. That absurd detail proved to be his downfall. He is smart enough to plan the accident, but it seems his grey matter was all consumed after that; because from that moment on… his behaviour doesn’t make any sense.

As I said, the romance is rather unremarkable. Not only that, if I’m being honest I must say that aspect of the story is too boring and I had to struggle to keep my focus during those moments. It was too easy to disconnect, which is a shame. Their previous relationship, the way Ben ended things and their fears are repeated in a constant loop that is truly maddening. Yes, I know there was a bigger problem than their love lives and I know that Logan was there, so they couldn’t get handy freely… But that is not an excuse to bore the readers overexplaning over and over again the same fears of Ben and Megan. Besides, we already knew they were going to end together. Few Romance books break that rule and you can’t bet on whatever you want that these stories from the Leslie North factory are never going to break it. The ending in this case should have just been about Ben and Megan giving each other a second chance. That is what makes sense, but the author thought that wasn’t enough and put all the fanfare of a consolidated couple into one that barely trust each other emotionally… As some younglings would say: *facepalm*.

Even though the romance is forgettable, this is a really sweet story thanks to that charismatic character called Logan. He is the kid Megan and Ben have to protect at any cost. The way the adults handle the situation and how the kid responds so honestly and loving so openly is a heartwarming experience. Logan steals all the scenes where he is featured, eclipsing with cuteness all the boring adult times that were going on inside Ben’s and Megan’s minds. No wonder eveyrbody falls in love with the kid so easily. Even some characters that have no business doing so…

All in all it is a nice read to kill some free time, which I guess is the main purpose of this kind of stories. It is good enough to make me want to pick more books by her. Or at least to add them to my ever growing TBR list.


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