Review: In the Cards by Charlie Cochet



Author: Charlie Cochet
Series: Four Kings Security #4.5

Pages: 69


Love is in the air, and what says ‘romance’ more than a Valentine’s Day wedding? Anston “Ace” Sharpe’s is down in South Florida for his cousin’s wedding, and with his boyfriend Colton accompanying him, Ace has some Valentine’s Day plans of his own. Surrounded by his huge Cuban family, his brothers-in-arms from Four Kings Security, and a groom with a penchant for chaos, what could possibly go wrong?

With this short story I say goodbye to the first saga by Charlie Cochet I have ever read. And the need to look for something else written by the that author is undeniable. I love the light mood of her books, with such good characters full of cotton and great sense of humor. I can’t wait to reconnect with these guys in the future. Which I hope is a near one taking into account that there is a spin-off brewing.

In this really short book we finally get to assist to the wedding of Ace’s and Lucky’s cousin: Qhuinn (I’m not sure that’s the right spelling, unless you are a vampire…). Everyone is happy, but the huge Cuban family tends to make a mountain from a single grain; so when one of the grooms goes missing, Ace and Lucky had to put their soliders hats on and save the day…

I have overembelished the plot of this short story. There is actually not much going on and, even though the disappearance is true, it is something more incidental than pivotal of this last glampse to the world of the Four Kings Security. That mystery is quickly resolved to focus on the real story: the love between Ace and Colton. Yes, the wedding of his cousin is just an excuse to give us more cute and funny moments between these guys and the rest of the huge cast of this saga. And that is all. If you can handle a lot of sugar, then you better skip this one.

I won’t miss the chance of worshipping one of the best positioned book boyfriends on my ever growing list: Ace. This saga is great just because he is on it. I can’t help myself. He is just a blast to read, with his goofy behaviour, his ridiculous good looks and his loyalty to his feelings. There is almost no page where this character doesn’t crack me up, provoking some sweet tummy aches due to my constant laughter. So it has been a great way of saying goodbye. Or better, yet: ‘Til nex time!

But that is. He is mostly the only appealing factor of this story. I have nothing else to mention in this review. Well… maybe I have a couple of things I want to take out of my chest. First: why was King alone and without Leo? Why does the author want to make him miserable digesting all the happinness around him? The excuse for Leo’s absence is weak and unnecessary. Even cruel if you push me. The other is about the family. I have no idea how a Cuban family behaves and I bet the portrayal of one by a Cuban author is much accurate than the one of a book reviewer from Spain who has never been in Cuba, but I can’t help thnking that the Mommy Army is waaaaay too intense to be real. Or maybe it is just envy talking, because they may be too much sometimes, but they are also epic human beings.

I have just checked Charlie’s website to see if there is a schedule for the spin-off, but those books are still waiting for a release date. There is a lot of planned books, so I won’t hold my breath until the next book with these guys is published.


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