Review: Office Player by Eden Summers



Author: Eden Summers
Pages: 188


He’s cocky, flirty, and sexy as hell.
He’s also her boss and a mistake she can’t repeat.
So why is she succumbing to his charm and accepting a ride home?

She’s gorgeous, smart, and beyond tempting.
She’s also entirely off limits according to company policy.
But rules are meant to be broken.
Especially when lust is involved.

Battling their attraction has always been torture.
But now he’s sick of fighting.
It’s time to claim what’s his.

I have already commented on the big allure of a sexy covers. The I-could-lick-this-cover-and-have-zero-shame-about-it effect is very strong with this one and the main reason I picked the book. Being completely honest, I didn’t even read the blurb. Can you blame me? If so, take a look at the top of this post and come back here. Not so many covers in the Romance genre scream so loudly the word HOT. From the genes of the guy, to the nice pose captured by the photograph and the tasteful editing of the cover artist. Perfect cover for not such a perfect book… Call me mood killer!!

In this story we meet Beth, a hard working woman who is living her dreams professionally speaking. At least it was like that until the big boss makes her an indecent proposition: being his arm candy (and I guess bed candy, too). Beth can’t believe what she has been asked, but in an attempt to not lose her job, she decides to spend the weekend thinking about the best way to turn down the proposal. Dean, the son of the big boss and a boss himself, has other plans for her. The womanizer has been dreaming about her since the moment they met and he can’t wait any longer to get between the sheets of Beth’s bed. Will their attraction get over Dean’s past or are they doomed as a couple?

I feel a bit cheated with the story of this book. It looked like a taboo love story, where they have to hide their love life from the company in order to keep their jobs; but there is nothing about it. It also looked like the classic hard-to-get woman who resists with all her might the unrelenting charms of the sexy guy who is not used to a negative answer. But they were already friends and had a cordial relationship. So, what kind of dynamic are we going to find? Nothing specific, actually. It’s just the let’s-scratch-an-itch-and-see-what-happens kind of dance. I’m not against that kind of story, but I was expecting something more fun. I wish the book had some of that banter they claim to share. It would have improved the ejoyment quite a lot.

What we are told happens in three clear stages: the get togehter, the fight and the make up. None of them hold much that it is worth mentioning beyond the “It’s OK” description. From that first stage I would point out the good sexual scenes that take place (several in a short period of time). This book even has one of the most erotic naughty excerpt I have read in a very long time: the shower scene. Masterfully written. I could feel the water, the coldness of the glass and the pants of Dean while I was reading. I must bow before the author and compliment her on a job well done (Dean would also bow if he could trust his knees). From the second stage I’m going to mention the annoyed I felt with the fight. At least let the guy explain before judging him for all eternity. Talking makes wonders. And for the last stage… I love how the last chapter ends; but I hate with all my heart the epilogue. It ruins the good aftertaste I had. Three months is not enough time to put the characters in the classic ending I dislike so much…

The characters won’t get on any of my lists. Beth is too insecure to really enjoy a relationship with someone like Dean. She lives too much in her head and prefers to make her own assumptions instead of listening to the truth. I don’t like the way she dismisses Angela, her good friend, as if she were just a noisy neighbour. She is constantly jelous and have little self-respect. Keeping her job shouldn’t be such a big priority in the situation Beth is… And Dean… I don’t know. We are told many traits about him, but we see little proof about them. I’m actually having a hard time believing his decision to stick to just one woman. He should be more clear abiout it instead of rejecting sexual propositions in such a flirty way. No wonder Beth always thinks the worst!! Besides, what kind of aftershave does this guy use? Beth is able to smell it even when Dean has been days without getting a shave. Please, let me know. I need to avoid that smelly brand at all costs…

I need to finish this review starting a campaign to ask for a book… hell, a whole saga for the true diamond of this story. To the character who has robbed my heart and made me smile in the little time he has to shine. I’m talking about that masterpiece whose talent is wasted in the delivery industry. The guy that delivers the flowers to Beth is a show stealer and by far the most charismatic element of this story.


2019 – Book Gallery


Not many new words to feast upon, but enough to make me take a minute to pick just one. And using that feast as a segue… here is the word!!

glut: an excessive supply or amount

I was already familiar with the word gluttony, so the acception of this one was easy. But I had never seen it before, so if I don’t want to forget it I need to make a mental note with it (or not so mental, as in this case).

In the book, what is presented in an excessive amount is not other thing than lust. Yes, Dean can be overwhelming that way… even for the readers!

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