Review: Quantum by Erin Kellison



Author: Erin Kellison
Series: Red Rock Alien Mail Order Brides #1
Pages: 122


Ex-soldier turned space pirate Tey Raider is visiting Earth to steal a fortune and use one of the Red Rock vortexes to escape into the deep black. When he bumps into Sophia West, he has no idea the human woman will throw a wrench into the hyperdrive of his master plan, and spin him, his storm cruiser, and his heart out of control.

Sophia doesn’t believe in aliens until a Sedona-based dating agency mixer puts her in direct contact with out-of-this-world clientele. She’s undercover trying to locate her brother—abducted and tortured by the big-brained bully, Nimbus. She strikes a hard bargain with Tey Raider to help her find and free her brother. Never mind that the haunted ex-soldier makes her want to reach out and make an alien connection.

The mission leads to a close encounter, and when the red dust settles, neither will be the same.

I mentioned a long time ago that this year I am trying to beat an Abecedary Challenge for Romance books. Checking the Q is way harder than I was expecting, so I jumped to read this book as soon as I discovered it. I have too many prejudices against the Sci-Fi Romance, so I had little faith about this story. I’m so glad of having been proved wrong!! Yeah, this genre tends to put in the cover big slabs of meat, promising a lot of carnal action and little else. Even though Quantum has that kind of cover, it doesn’t really do justice to what we find inside.

In this book we meet Tey Raider, an engineered ex-soldier who escaped from sure death and now tries to make a leaving as a space pirate. His last quest has brought him to Earth, a precious planet whose most of its inhabitants don’t know about the existance of aliens living among them. One of them is Sophia, a human who is desperately seeking her missing brother, totally unaware that he is a prisoner of ruthless aliens. Luckily for her, Sophia’s and Tey’s mission collide, so they forge a partnership to achieve all their goals. Even the sentimental ones.

It is not a long book. I judged the book by its genre, its cover and its size. All those factors telling me I was about to jump into a frenzy of crazy sex with aliens. I was ready for it; because, even though it is not my first choice, I have nothing againts an overdose of naked time with sexy hunks. So, after the first couple of chapters I was utterly surpised and truly impressed with what I was truly facing. It is packed to the brim with action and I don’t mean the kind of action in the private quarters of Tey. I mean the one with fists, fangs, blaster fire and even mind powers. The pages flew in front of me thanks to the healthy pace and enjoyable situations. An amazing space adventure without leaving the comfort of Earth.

For such a short book, the worldbuilding is extense and very precise. With several little details here and there, the author manages to create a great Universe to base her stories. I have no idea if all the Pact and Light lore is only part of this saga or if it was built for all the Intergalicct Dating Agency Universe. I only know that I love it and I can’t wait to keep reading about it. A feeling that is even greater thanks to that ending that has left me shocked and eager to get more information about. As I said before, not what I was expecting; but totally what I needed.

There is not much to say about the characters. They are pretty basic to work with the story. I like them, but I have nothing noteworthy to say about them. Maybe with a longer book we could have got to know them better, but we get what we get. The relationship between Sophia and Tey is developed quickly and with little flourishes, because the author was more invested in telling us a space adventure than a romantic story. I have to point out her take on the “mate” thing. I’m not usually a fan of that fated love, because it tends to degrade into freaky possessive behaviours; but I must admit Erin has deal with it smartly. The final conversation between Tey and Alex says it all…

A really good book to spend an enjoyable afternoon reading. I can’t wait to get back to that Universe!!


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Not many words in this book, but I have been able to rescue some among all the descriptions about the muscular perfection sported by Tey. The chosen word in this case is a new verb for me:

eke out: to make (a supply) last, esp by frugal use

I hope Sophia knows he doesn’t need to use Tey frugally. I have the feeling the engineered soldier has enough stamina for a couple of marathons in a row…

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