Review: Vyken’s Mate by Shea Malloy



Author: Shea Malloy
Pages: 44


Willa would rather die untouched than marry a man she doesn’t love. She runs away from home, eager to reclaim her independence. Except, she takes the wrong path into Vyken territory.

Captured, Willa is brought before the Vyken leader, Jorgan. Although she fears him, she can’t deny her illicit attraction to the powerful alien male. In his amber eyes she sees a hunger that excites her too. She knows that he will be her first and her only.

Two years after The Rift, Jorgan is still getting accustomed to his new life on a planet he hates. He resigns himself to endless misery. Until the beautiful human female is brought before him.

She is a human and he is a Vyken. It’s forbidden to want her, but his blood burns to claim her soft innocence. Even if it’s wrong, he’ll make her his.

Just because they are short stories doesn’t mean they are easier to write. All the contrary, I’m afraid. The author needs to keep in mind that it must tell something meaningful in few chapters. Something that is whole and makes sense. Sadly, Shea Malloy hasn’t fulfilled that requirement. Let’s go for a shorty!

In this bunch of paragraphs we meet Willa, an innocent nurse in training whose overbearing father is making her life miserable. Out of love, her father wants her to marry soon and has arrranged a wedding with the most despicable man he has been able to find. Willa runs away, but in her hurried escape she forgets the map and gets lost pretty quickly. She is captured by a tribe of Vyken, bloodthirsty aliens that tried to invade Earth two years ago. There, she meets Jorgan, their leader. Will they be able to get over the differences between both races and forge a beautiful love story? Not even reading this book you will get to know.

It is a very short story, but it has several great details to build the plot: the father’s shenanigans, the tense truce between humans and Vykens, the rebellion of some of Jorgan’s men, the enraged Archivald, the forbidden love story… Do you think is too many? I think so. Obviously, in little more than 40 pages is impossible to deal with it all. But the author commits the mistake of trying and, in the end, everything is dismissed poorly and in a very underwhelming way. Some of the threads are resolved lazily, others are ignored completely and the rest end abruptly. Jack of all trades, master of none… I can’t even be sure when this book takes place. Due to descriptions ad some situation I would bet is a historical book, but I could be wrong.

Too bad, because the setting was great and really good explained. I think the author should have tried to write a much longer book so everything she hints about is treated with equal justice. What we get to read is very enjoyable, though. Not a dull moment in its short length, which is something I’m grateful for.

There is also zero time to get to know the characters. Willa and Jorgan meet, fall in lust and have sex. The end. Weird but totally expected. In this story there are several secondary characters that doens’t make any sense. What is the deal of Willa’s father? I have heard about tough love, but in his case it goes waaay beyond that. No father should love her daughters so much that they are even willing to wed them with a monster in order to keep them “safe”… But it seems that all of that was out of love and Willa accepts the explanation without blinking twice. As I said: weird.

It could have been better, but at least what we get is bearable and easy-to-read.


2019 – Book Gallery


Was I able to find a word in such little room? I almost got a blank, but close to the end a word sprang on me to draw my attention.

stopper: to close or secure with a stopper

Very funny, Mr Dictionary!! Luckily for you I already knew what a stopper was. What I didn’t know is the word could aslo be used as a verb as in this book. In this case, the stopper is nothing else than Jorgan’s mouth. If you want to know what the alien stoppered with it, you need to read the book.

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