Review: Reunion by Sean Williams & Shane Dix



Author: Sean Williams & Shane Dix
Series: Star Wars: The New Jedi Order #17 / Force Heretic #3
Pages: 432


The Jedi move one step closer to saving the embattled galaxy only to confront a formidable wall of resistance.

The harrowing search for Zonama Sekot is finally over for Luke Skywalker, Jacen Solo, and the others aboard the Jade Shadow. But joy turns to alarm when the living planet sends a defiant message: it refuses to follow them back to a galaxy full of war, exploitation, and misery.

While Luke works feverishly to persuade the elusive planet to reconsider, the Yuuzhan Vong launches a full-scale attack aimed at the heart of the new alliance. Sent to defend a major communications base, Han and Leia find themselves hopelessly outnumbered. Reinforcements are just too far away to help before everything is destroyed. So the courageous pair must now fight an unrelenting battle against staggering odds. Whether they actually survive is another matter…

I could pretend being a super cool Star Wars fan who has timed a Star Wars book review with the release of the last film. I could pretend I’m celebrating Star Wars, because my whole agenda has to spin around it during these days. Truth be told, it has been a coincidence. I didn’t even realize about it until this morning. And now that I’m on the path of honesty, I must also point out that my excitement for the new movie is pretty low. I will watch it, but I have the feeling is going to sadden me. But that is a story for another blog that I do not have, so let’s review the book that brought me here today!!

We reunite again with the two missions being told through this trilogy of the New Jedi Order saga: the search for Zonama Sekot led by Luke and the unraveling of the mysteries sorrounding the lack of communications with several spots of the Galaxy led by Leia. Will our heroes find the living planet and convice him to join the cause against the Yuuzhan Vong? Will the communications be finally restored so thay can go on with their lives? Will the plan of Nom Anor bare results or fail miserably? The answers to those questions are one far galaxy away…

I have enjoyed the conclusion of the trilogy much more than the previous book, but they are not that different from each other. This story still feels a bit hollow in comparison with others of the saga and I’m wondering why they decided to make it a trilogy when they obviousoy didn’t have that much to tell. A much more condense story would have been way better, but I guess more books means more money. This book has the interesting, but rather boring part and the stuffing, but enjoyable part. The former is Luke’s mission. They finally find Zonama Sekot and it has been a total blast to return to the planet I met so long ago. But the initial emotion was rapidly extinguished when they start talking in circles and getting nowhere until the very end. The return of the living planet deserved a more epic story, but I guess the best is still to come. What I can’t forgive, though, is the dull storytelling that almost made me take a nap. A waste of characters like Mara or Danni, who barely have any weight during this stage of the quest. I am also a bit peeved about the fact that the events from the previous book have little to zero impact. They had to flee from Chiss territory due to some blue people being upset by their presence there. I thought they were going to be a thorn in their backside during this book, too, but they don’t even get a mention. That makes the second book even worse than before.

So, if I sound so annoyed with this book, how come it has a better mark than the previous one? The mark I have granted this book is mostly thanks to Leia’s mission. Yeah, I still need to see the importance of it, but I have to admit that it has been very enjoyable with crazy action keeping me engaged at all times. We have space battles, hand-to-hand combat, spies, revelations, old friends, new cultures… All the good stuff that Luke’s misison lacks of. There are many remarkable situations to point out, but among my favourites I would pick these ones: General Pellaeon and his honest attempts to forge an alliance with their former enemies, Jag’s moment of glory showing off his superb skills, the step forward developing Tahiri character and the romantic moment were several “I love you“s are said between Jag and Jaina. But, above them all, there is something even better: the return of Droma. I LOVE that character. I LOVE the chemistry he has with Han. They argue as if they were lovers!! The Ryn is a joy to read. It always makes me smile with the way he complains about his life being put in danger. He could look like a coward, but it is just a charade. It’s the kind of character that I want to read more about and I’m eager to find him again in the future.

I still don’t like the way this book is indexed. Long chapters divided in very short fragments that jump from one plot to the other with zero warning. I have found that style harder to follow and it also hinders my capability to focus on the story. My brain had to switch gears too fast and it is not as young as before. I need digesting time and this book grants me none. It’s like a cruel personal trainer who is deaf to any whining between one exercise and the next. My mind slipped now and then and I’m afraid some detail may be lost forever. I hope it is not an important one.

And that’s all. The conflict with the Yuuzhan Vong should be almost over and it doesn’t look like a happy ending is about to happen. Ultimately, this is a Star Wars saga, so I guess the good ones will win. It is the state of the Galaxy that worries me, though. Two more books will unveil the mystery…


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Even though this has been a jouney to a Galaxy far, far away; I have still managed to find several words to use in our contemporary dull world by comparision. The new word in English (or should I say Basic?) that has become my Chosen One is:

echelon: a level of command, authority, or rank

I actually have found that word before, but for reasons unknown I never took the time to check its meaning. Am I weird if I find that word pretty? It has a lovely ring to it…

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