Review: Tricks and Bids by Jacqueline Grey



Author: Jacqueline Grey
Series: Suit of Harte’s #1

Pages: 66


When Michael Nole propositions Dillon Spade outside a BDSM club one evening, all he is looking for is a potential client and a little kink. He gets much more than he bargained for. As a prostitute, Michael enjoys sex but keeps an emotional distance between himself and the men he sleeps with. His priority is to keep himself safe, but after a night in Dillon’s bed, he finds the line between enjoyment and occupation blurring.

Dillon hasn’t taken another man home since his previous lover passed away six years ago, but there is something about Michael that calls to his inner Dominant in a way he cannot resist. His instincts want to claim the boy even as he reminds himself that he is only paying Michael for temporary company.

Their relationship may have started as a business transaction, but it’s difficult to remain professional when breaking all the rules.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I am not a fan of the BDSM genre. When is done properly, the book could be interesting, but more often than not authors twist the concept in such a way that makes me uneasy. I don’t like when actions are taken too far into that world and small details can ruin a whole book. That is what it has happened with this short story. There is good stuff in it, but the bad has pissed me off beyond rational measure. Let’s see what has rubbed me the wrong way!!

Michael is a young guy who sells his body in order to pay for college. At least that is what he says. One day he is fishing more customers outside a popular BDSM club and he soons catches the eye of Dillon, a dominant who has lost his former submissive and since then he is missing something in life. Dillon pays greatly for Michael’s services to scratch and itch, but he soons realize that one time won’t be enough. Is this the start of a beautiful relationship? Not at all. Trust me… don’t let them fool you.

One of the big issues I have had with this book, but not the biggest one, is the fact that this story is cold. Robotic. Stiff. So rigid and dispassionate that is like reading the manual for a new appliance that you have just bought. All technical terms and formal speech. That has no place in the Romance genre. Eveytime Michael and Dillon discuss the details of their relationship I wanted to scream and give them a piece of my mind. It has been truly unbearable to read the mechanical dynamics between those two. The only thing missing during those times was a lawyer or two to make sure all was done according to the best interestes of their clients…

It is a shame, because the story itself is not bad. It had good potential for something sweet. Yes, I believe it is possible to write a sweet BDSM story. But, for some reason, few authors try that concept. There are several details that, with a proper development, could have made this book much richer than it is: Michael’s struggles, Dillon’s past, the initiation in the BDSM world… Sadly, most pages are wasted in sealing the contracts before setting up the scene. Because it seems they didn’t have sex. They perfomed scenes… As I said: icy. Maybe this kind of book is just not my style, although I have read some books by Kele Moon that had much more feelings in it in half a paragraph than this whole story.

The point that has made me really hate this book are the characters. There is some love/hate relationship  with them, but in the end the hate wins by far. Dillon is such a huge disappointment. I get that he is a dominant, but his concept of submissive is utterly wrong. He doesn’t want a partner for some role playing during naughty times. Nope. He wants a slave that does whatever Dillon wants whenever he pleases. He forbids the guy from having clothes inside the house. The submissive has to clean and cook. He also must behave like a puppy and be displayed naked for Dillon’s ejoyment… Such a healthy relationship. I have no idea about that kind of stuff, but I bet what Dillon wants has nothing to do with a true dynamic between dominant and submissive. And that made me very angry. The fact that Michael accepts everything without much of a fight is insulting for the character.

Also, what is the deal with the new cover? It looks too bright and oily. Not appealing at all. I have no intention of reading the rest books of this saga, but.. who knows?


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As a new world I have picked a word I already knew, but with another meaning. It is a word that is used several times in the book. It is even in the title itself:

trick: a prostitute’s customer


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