Review: Soulbinder by Sebastien de Castell



Author: Sebastien de Castell
Series: Spellslinger #4
Pages: 400


Kellen and his murderous squirrel cat, Reichis, are on their own. They’ve heard rumour of a mythical monastery, known as the Ebony Abbey. It’s a place that outsiders can never find – but Kellen is getting desperate. He’s been told that the monks inside the Ebony Abbey know more about the Shadowblack than anyone else – and that they even know how to cure it.Then Kellen and Reichis are separated and for the first time, Kellen must face the world alone – and venture deeper into shadow magic than he ever knew he could.

Frenzy: once again the author delivers a fast story with lovely short chapters that make the reading pretty fast.

Boom: this book is packed with WTF moments for some of the characters we love. The author took a huge risk and the result is a less enjoyable experience than in previous stories due to that. Reichis is such a scene stealer…

Great worldbuilding: the lore surrounding the shadow world explodes in plentiful of black tones. I wasn’t expecting something so complex and with so many possibilities. I wouldn’t mind more sagas taking place in that world. There is plenty of room.

Great cover: I fell utterly in love with these covers. It is my main reason for starting this saga. The art is amazing.


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