Review: Tryst by S.L. Jennings



Author: S.L. Jennings
Series: Sexual Education #2

Pages: 416


Heidi DuCane is a tough-as-nails publicist with a passion for success and her husband Tucker. While they’re polar opposites, what they do have in common is a fierce love and commitment to each other. But their relationship—in and out of the bedroom—will be put to the ultimate test.

Rock superstar Ransom Reed is every woman’s fantasy, including Heidi’s. When she meets Ransom, she shares a wild night with him where Heidi gets to play—and Tucker watches, and enjoys, the pleasure Ransom gives Heidi. Though Tucker was a willing participant, Heidi still can’t help reeling with guilt. There’s no doubt that she loves her husband. While Tucker is the perfect lover—generous, attentive and gentle—she needs much more. She needs the mind-blowing ecstasy Ransom offers.

Tucker isn’t blind to the fact that Heidi has unconventional needs which he can’t satisfy. He loves his wife and will do anything to please her The night he watched her and Ransom was so scorching hot that Tucker can’t stop thinking about it. He decides he wants to join Ransom in pleasing Heidi. But as Tucker and Heidi soon realize, it’s not just the sex that is enticing. Heidi felt something within her awaken, and she felt so deliciously sated and loved by both men. Tucker felt it too, and he finds it impossible not to want that feeling again.

Ransom and Tucker satisfy a need within Heidi. And now that she’s had them, she can never go back to the way things were before.

Rape: this book is narrated from the point of view of a victim of a rape. the act itelf is not told, but the brutal consequences are described. So you should avoid the book if that kind of thing triggers you.

Fumes, drugs: I have said this many times before… I hate with a passion when drugs are normalized in a story. It pisses me off that several of the naughty scenes take place only because the main characters are high and not thinking clearly. It’s disgusting.

Bad sex: too many things that I dislike. Several times during intimate scenes we are told that Ransom smells like smoke… thanks for making me puke. It totally kills the mood. Don’t forget that Heidi is a rape victim and, even though that shouldn’t define her, the sex she craves feels like it could be a flashback nightmare. I didn’t understand that. And many more things that made me not enjoy those parts… and there are plenty.

Boom, what?: Yes, there is a pretty big revelation that was rather sweet for a morbid reader like me. Too bad that was left unresolved. In its place we get one of the most absurd, unsatisfactory, ridiculous… and simply bad endings I have read in my whole life. I feel cheated.

Bad cast: they weren’t great characters, but I could tolerate them. But in the last couple of chapters it all goes downhill so fast…


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