Review: Unmapped by Anna Hackett



Author: Anna Hackett
Series: Treasure Hunter Security #6

Pages: 147


Finding undiscovered treasures is always daring, dangerous, and deadly. Perfect for the men and women of Treasure Hunter Security.

Former Navy SEAL and CIA agent Ronin Cooper is used to living his life in the darkness. A loner by nature, he enjoys his work at Treasure Hunter Security, stays busy on the road, and never lets anyone too close. That is until he notices a mystery redheaded woman spying on him and his colleagues. Then he finds himself sucked into a dangerous rescue mission to Antarctica with a fiery, outspoken woman who pushes every one of his buttons.

Peri Butler will do anything to save her sister. The experienced polar guide knows the deadly black-market antiquities ring, Silk Road, has her twin, but Peri isn’t sure who she can trust. She wants to believe Treasure Hunter Security can help, and soon finds herself facing off with the dark, intense, enigmatic Ronin.

As their mission takes them into the frigid ice and snow of Antarctica, Peri and Ronin’s intense attraction generates a lot of heat. Drawn irresistibly closer, they work to track down Silk Road and Peri’s sister, but what they find buried in the ice could threaten everything. Ronin will sacrifice it all to protect Peri, while she will take every risk, not only to save her sister, but to break through the protective shell around Ronin’s heart.

Adventure, Frenzy: As always, this is the main strength of this saga (and possibly this author). Easy-to-read short books with action crammed everywhere so you don’t have a single moment to get bored. Perfect book to read when you are feeling lazy.

Weak: The previous books of this series had juicy cultural tidbits that made them special. Even though this one has some of that, the amount pales in comparision with the stories that came before. It is a shame.

Bad sex: By now I know I will find insta-love in this books, so I activate the proper mindset to try to enjoy it. In this case is so “insta” that is even fun. The author goes even crazier about the places the main couple chooses to get naughty. My problem with then is that, in this case, the decision of having sex is taken only by Ronin. He feels like having sex and he goes for it. No questions asked. I’m not saying that Peri is not a willing participant, but going full contact with someone without a previous hint or insinuation is just wrong.


2020 – Book Gallery

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