Review: Evil Embers by Cristelle Comby



Author: Cristelle Comby
Series: Vale Investigation #2
Pages: 320


There’s “hard to kill”—and then there’s Bellamy Vale.

After narrowly preventing the destruction of Cold City, PI Bellamy Vale needs a rest. Or rather, he needs a plain and simple vanilla case—no monsters or otherworldly creatures involved!

When foreign businessman Eli Smith shows up at his doorstep with a thick wallet and a request to find his missing sister, Vale doesn’t think twice before agreeing.

If he’d known body-hopping demons and smoke monsters came attached to this job, however, he might have.

Urban Fantasy, Magic: This second book has been an improvement from the previous one in the fantasy side of the story. The first book was too much of gunslingers for my taste. This story embraces the magical part tighter, making the action parts feel more varied and colourful.

Mystery: As in the one before, this story also relies pretty heavily in the mystery element. I don’t say that as something bad. The opposite, actually. I also have to point out this new mystery is way easier to follow than the one we were told in the first book. More focused and less cumbersome.

First Person: Vale is a great character to have as the designated driver in this saga. The only problem I have is it feels like he should be more fun to read. I mean more banter and caustic humour. There is some, but this character kind of asks for more. Does it make any sense?


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