Review: Summer Fling by Jill Sanders



Author: Jill Sanders
Series: Wildflowers #4

Pages: 288


Scarlett had learned to keep her head down early in life. Zoey, her older sister had always taken the reins, even when it came to helping their mother recover after their father had stolen everything and run off with a woman half his age, leaving the three of them with only their clothes on their backs and Zoey and Scarlett’s measly inheritance. She’d been behind her sister one-hundred-percent in investing into River Camps. It had only taken one look at the sexy Levi to convince her that this was where she’d wanted to be.

Levi has been raised by his grandmother, and has searched high and low for the best job around the home she refuses to leave. When he’d learned that River Camps was opening back up, he jumped at the chance to stick close to his ailing grandmother and utilize all his outdoor skills that he loves. But, he hadn’t expected falling so hard for the beautiful and very soft Scarlett.

Contemporary romance, Second chance: This book leans all its weight in its romance aspect. It is a well written and entertaining part, with nice characters that fill their role with easiness. But there is nothing there that keeps the reader engaged. It follows a clear path and it doesn’t even hint about the possibility of taking a short detour to keep us on our toes. It is way too simple for the number of pages it needs.

Weak: This saga had a great mystery during the first three books, but it was resolved. I was expecting a new one to be started, but nope… nothing at all. The “Who is my daddy?” drama doesn’t even hold a candle and its development is a bit underwhelming. I still have to understand the motivations of some of the characters involved in that part of the plot. I was expecting much more after the last book…

The next book is the last one of this saga. That came as a surprise, because there are still plenty of characters that could have their own books. Maybe the author will recycle them in some other saga.


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