Review: The False Peace by Jude Watson



Author: Jude Watson
Series: Star Wars: Jedi Quest #9
Pages: 160


Two brilliant enemies plan an attack on the Galactic Senate. For Obi-Wan, this means facing an old adversary, while for Anakin, it means bending the rules of the Jedi to accomplish his goals–something he’s forbidden to do.

Nerd: I have not much to say about this book. If you like Star Wars and this author’s style you will find the story enjoyable and easy-to-read. She usually writes books with more action scenes than the amount we find in this one, but that doesn’t mean is boring. There is more “court intrigue” than blaster fire exchange, in this case.

I haven’t found anything special among these pages. Nothing good or bad to point out. Just one more story set in that far galaxy I enjoy so much. I wonder if the main plot thread will be closed in the next (and last) book. No idea if there are any other sagas by Jude Watson where she could continue the story of Granta and Zan Arbor.


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