Review: Lucky Strike by Catherine Banks



Author: Catherine Banks
Series: Her Super Harem #1



Being a hero’s girlfriend isn’t really all it’s cracked up to be; especially when most of my free time is spent being kidnapped.

My life had been broken down into a redundant and boring routine of abductions, rescues, and overinflated egos before I took an involuntary swim in a giant health code violation.

Life was black and white to me then, but now? It’s a grey area.

Between monster invasions, conspiracies, and juggling my own core values, I’ll need all the support I can get. But who can I trust?

Something is amiss in the Association – a threat to the virtues and morals all heroes are sworn to uphold. I’m determined to expose it… Or them.

With three dashing heroes and a handsome villain by my side, there’s no way I can fail. The people, the heroes, and the world all depend on our success. It doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. But then, they don’t call me Lucky for nothing.

Paranormal Romance, Superheroes: If you enjoy superheroic stories with a spoon or three of romance you are going to love this book! The crazy story reminded me of some stories from Marvel during the 70s or so. There is a well built plot with plenty of action scenes to make it easy-to-read. The only negative aspect I can point out is the fact that those action scenes are a bit repetitive. Fighting giant monsters over and over again doesn’t leave a lot of room for variation.

The characters are nothing special, but they work really well for the light mood of this story. Also, the superhero/supervillain names are pretty cool: Violet Strike, Hurricane, Ion, Vortex, Galactic Gargoyle, Transistor… Classic naming convection in classic comics.

Ménage, Weak: When I picked this book I was in the mood of reading some naughty scenes with a bunch of hot guys. You won’t find that here. Not at all. Just a couple of kisses now and then. In my defense, I must say this is my first book by this author (so I wasn’t familiar with her style or preferences in Romance) and the title of the saga is very misleading. For the next one, I will set my expectations accordingly for a greater enjoyment.


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