Review: Crownbreaker by Sebastien de Castell



Author: Sebastien de Castell
Series: Spellslinger #6
Pages: 410


Kellen and Reichis are settling into their new lives as protectors of the young queen and dealing with the constantly shifting threats to her reign and to her life. For the first time in his life, Kellen feels as if he’s becoming the kind of man that his mentor Ferius had wanted him to be. Even Reichis has come to appreciate having a noble purpose – so long as no one minds him committing the occasional act of theft from the royal treasury.

But what seems to be a simple card game between Kellen and an old man is soon revealed to be a deadly game of wits in which a powerful mage has trapped the queen’s spellslinger in order to kill him.

Young Adult, Epic Fantasy: With this last book we close the story of Kellen… at least for now. After two books that were clearly weaker than the first ones, I was pretty scared about the quality of the ending. But in my opinion the author has corrected all the issues I had with those stories: has brought back the characters we love instead of creating new ones and has minimized the harsh behaviour that Kellen was displaying lately. No more cringeworthy gore scenes. I am glad that the story has gone the full circle and it is focused in giving some kind of closure to the relationship of the young spellslinger with his family. Not everyone will be happy about how it ended, but I think it is almost logical. I’m still processing Shalla behaviour in those last chapters, which is the piece that doesn’t quite fit. In any case, it has been a great way to say goodbye to these guys.

Frenzy: Thankfully, the pace of this book is pretty fast and there are enough action scenes to make up for the slower pace of the previous book. Although I’m happy with them, I must admit they didn’t hook me up as easily as with the other books of this saga. I can’t say exactly the reason for that. Maybe too much déjà vu feeling?

Great cast: Without any shred of doubt, the best part of this book and this saga is the cast of characters. The authour has been gracious enough to gather the most important ones for the final push. Too bad some of them are just cameos, like Pan, Butello or the bully from the first book (I forgot his name); but it put a smile in my face to read about them again. More importantly, this book is also the comeback of Ferius and Neph, a couple of characters the should have never been left aside.


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