Review: Furry Face by Frankie Love



Author: Frankie Love
Series: Makes My Heart Race #1

Pages: 56


Penny’s used to douchebags in three-piece suits with trust funds.

But the moment I see her at the bar, sipping her dirty martini, I know she’s thirsty for something else. A real man like me.

She says I’m not her type… but that’s because she’s never been with a furry-faced man. It’s time I rock this curvy sweetheart’s world.

But I’m more than a pretty (bearded) face… I have dreams — big ones that take place on the open sea. I plan on boarding my boat and never looking back.
And I need Penny by my side. She’s the one I want to drop anchor with.
Trouble is, she’s scared of leaving her life behind.

Can I convince her it’s high time we sail off into the sunset?

Contemporary Romance, $$$: This is a pretty short story starred by a couple of billionaires, but without the classic dynamics that are usually found with that kind of characters. Forget about the suit-lover man who treats everyone with less money than him as inferior beings. You know, the rude guy that somehow makes the girl float with love. Pax is nothing like that, which is something I value. But that is all the positive comments I can make. The rest of the book is just OK. Not boring at all (that would have been a crime with such a short length), but nothing out of the ordinary or remarkable to point out.

Love?: The romance part moves too fast for my taste. In less than 12 hours they meet, are presented to the parents and declare the deepest love possible to each other. I can’t see the necessity of creating such a huge happily ever after for a story with barely 60 pages. A less overwhelming happiness would have been much more believable.

Also, furry faces are gross. Give me a good shave or a light stubble. Pax’s soup filter should stay as far away as possible, thanks.


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