Review: The Final Showdown by Jude Watson



Author: Jude Watson
Series: Star Wars: Jedi Quest #10
Pages: 144


An old enemy emerges for one last battle. A rivalry takes a life-changing turn. A Jedi Master loses his hold on his apprentice. The starling conclusion to the Jedi Quest series.

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker are closer than ever to capturing their fiercest rival, the mysterious Granta Omega. But in order to do it, Anakin will have to betray one of his fellow apprentices . . . and Obi-Wan will be pushed farther than he’s ever gone before in his search for justice – and revenge.

Young Adult, Sci-Fi: Another saga I’ve been able to finish before the ending of this year. Or at least I think I have finished it, because there is an important part of the plot that is still unresolved. The one that has kept me going with Jude Watson’s books: Jenna Zan Arbor. That means I need to hunt down the saga The Last of the Jedi to be able to get somekind of closure (I hope).

Weak: We have two villains in this tale: Granta Omega and Zan Arbor. Both of them are evil masterminds capable of anything. This was the last book, so a big ending was expected. But it feels a bit dull. There is no plot or conspirtacy. Just a bunch of Jedis fighting for their lives while the bad guys wait crossing their fingers. It is not what I was hoping for with those characters involved.

Another complaint of mine is how Anakin has been protrayed in this story: selfish, jelous, angry… Yes, we know that is how he rolls; but it so pretty obvious that it is kind of unbelieavable that nobody in the Jedi Temple calls his bullshit and kicks him from the order.

In any case, a pretty easy-to-read book that will keep the reader entertained.


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