Review: Avenging Spirit by Cristelle Comby



Author: Cristelle Comby
Series: Vale Investigation #3
Pages: 206


He can’t be killed. But that protection doesn’t extend to his friends…
PI Bellamy Vale may have sold his soul to Hell, but his heart’s in the right place. So when a friend reaches out for help to find his missing niece, he readily agrees. But the straightforward case takes a dark turn when he discovers deadly ancient rituals and a mysterious vigilante prowling Little Japan.

Pushing hard to uncover the truth, Vale gets trapped by a supernaturally connected crime boss and faces a choice: steal a powerful rare artifact or say goodbye to his buddy. To disobey will end someone’s life, but giving in could summon an underworld force that not even Lady McDeath’s mighty powers can defeat…

Will Vale put his immortal status on the line and save the world from a fate worse than death?

Urban Fantasy, Detectives: This is the third book in the Vale Investigation saga, following the misadventures of Bellamy, a PI whose boss is Death herself. In the previous books there was a nice mystery subplot that helped me to keep engaged to the story, but this time there is nothing like that. We are just pushed into the the japanese underworld and everything are just fights and runs for their lives. Not bad, but I was expecting something more meaty. My favourite part is the heist in the museum. It is also the only scene where all the previous characters are reunited: Bell, Zian and Kennedy.

Weak: Apart from the weaker story, I have also missed the regular characters and the banter they used to have. This time is all about Bell and Yukina and I must say I wasn0t impressed by her and their interactions. She is too serious and very uncharismatic. A shame.

Frenzy, Teach: But if the story is not that great, it is presented with a crazy amount of action scenes in order to keep the reader awake. There are more gun fights that I woulkd like, but I won’t complain too much. There is also a deep dive into some mythology from Japan, which I really appreciate. It is always nice to broaden my knowledge :).


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