Review: Iblis’ Affliction by Nero Seal



Author: Nero Seal
Pages: 407


“If you sleep with the Devil, don’t expect to get out of hell.”

DEMANDING. NEEDY. DANGEROUS. Slater is everything Talha doesn’t want but everything the crime lord needs. The bloodiest ripper of Anatolia, nicknamed Iblīs, kills for him and warms his bed. Stuck in a power play and a loveless, symbiotic relationship, Talha knows that if he shows weakness, he will fall at the hand of his own weapon.

THIRST FOR BLOOD, SEX, AND PAIN. It drives Slater crazy. Only Talha can soothe the deep ache that grows stronger every day. Slater allows Master to think he is in charge until Talha cheats by changing the rules of their game. But Master doesn’t grasp that there’s no escape from Iblīs’ affliction.

Dark, Murderer, Gore: Every single Romance reader may be familiar with the classic warnings you find before starting a book. Some novels have a very lengthy paragraph foretelling a chaos of blood, sex and violence, but most of them are a little more than a slap in the butt. So, when I read the warnings about this story I was like: “Sure… sure…“. But I can’t inisist enough on how wrong I was. This book is pretty dark with all the bloody violence you can imagine and then some. If your stomach is as weak as mine you will have trouble digesting some of the scenes. This book is not for everyone, myself included.

ZzZ: Setting aside all the gore, I must point out that this story is rather boring. The author can write compelling characters and disturbing situations, but it lacks fluidity. It is too dense and sometimes I felt like I was drowning in the constant pool of blood and guts that I was facing. The highlight of the story and the most entertaining chapters are the ones during the Royal Game. The rest is just a resistance test.

Fumes, Bad sex: The book has plenty of sex scenes that could make you cringe, but none of them are the ones that have granted this badge. It is one from he beginning of the story, where Talha does a gross exchange of smoke with Slater during an intimate moment. Disgusting.

Angry: The ending is the last kick in the nuts. All of that just to end like it all started? What kind of closure is that? I’m sorry, but with that ending all the story felt like a waste of time.

Great Cover: I would be a liar if I a deny picking the book just because I found the cover rather pretty. I love the contrast of the colours and the bright eyes. It looks like just as Slater is described.


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