Review: He Had Two by Jeremy Jenkins



Author: Jeremy Jenkins
Pages: 286


He had two.You know what I’m talking about.

It all started with a quick, anonymous bathroom hookup. College was all about trying new things (and people), right? But he kept something…extra hidden in his pants.

Something big.

I didn’t catch a glimpse of it. Not then. In fact, I never thought I’d see him again. But he reappeared as the stand-in professor for my physics class and I learned some things:
1. He’s just as dreamy as I remembered, Seneca Crane beard and all.
2. He studies meteorology. Meaning, when he’s not in the classroom, he’s chasing tornadoes.
3. He’s way older than me, and way out of my league.

But we lock eyes and the chemistry’s still there. Then he asks to come to his office. What he tells me there… it shakes me to the core. Nothing will ever be the same.

Contemporary Romance, M/M: This book could have been perfect quite easily. It has good characters, with the mandatory droolworthy one in the shape of Doctor Smith. It also has a slow romantic dynamic that lets the reader get confortable with the main couple. An original setting chasing storms. And some humor, although a bit lacking if I’m honest. It is pretty easy-to-read and it keeps a healthy pace that helps avoiding the dreadful boredom. Sadly, there is also big elephant in the room that is pretty hard to miss and it kinds of annoys me a little bit.

Love?: And that bit that should have been removed from the story is mostly Jake’s bahaviour and his position in the romantic relationship. In my opinion, the love story only happens in one direction. From Smith to Jake. The other way I would never call it love. The author wanted to make Jake curious about the diphallia, but sometimes goes too far. There are key moments in the romantic plot where Jake could only think about Smith’s penises. It totally ruins the mood.

Teach: I knew what diphallia was, but I had no idea that there could be cases where both tools worked properly in all their functions. The characters of this book keep mentioning a guy from Reddit as if he were somekind of celebrity in the diphallic (is that a word?) world, which was kind of weird if you ask me. Fun fact: if you want to learn more about diphallia and be able to eat that day, under no circunstances you should take a look at the Wikipedia article…

What?: This is me being a bit finicky, but I found quite absurd that Smith would take Jake to a storm chase. I bet he wasn’t covered by the insurance… And even more absurd when they complain about the cuts for their projects and then spend who knows how much money of that project buying beers to an underage student… Good luck explaning those expenses to the people holding the dollars, man!

Great cover: Handsome guy with droplets of water/sweat running down his face… I’m not made of stone, guys!


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