Review: Bedroom Eyes by Shaw Hart



Author: Shaw Hart
Series: Makes My Heart Race #2

Pages: 64


Axton Wells.
Movie star, philanthropist, and my boss.

I’ve worked as his assistant for the last two years and I’m pretty sure I’ve been in love with him since Day One.

Too bad for me, he doesn’t do relationships.

Will this spunky, curvy heroine be able to get the guy with the bedroom eyes?

Contemporary Romance: If you are looking for the main course on a menu, don’t look at this book. This story is just a single bite size appetizer that it tries to pack enough kick to at least remember its flavour. I wouldn’t say it achieves that goal, but it is somewhat entertaining with better than expected characters. Maybe a longer development would have provided a better outcome, but what we get works almost smoothly.

Celebrities, Grumpy/Jerk: The best part of the book is the friendship and work relationship between Axton and Teagan. He is a movie star, who drives everyone crazy with his bedroom eyes (and his shirtless photos, I bet); but who is usually in a grumpy mood. And I say grumpy / jerk. I don’t really like when they call those guys bullies in Romance. In my opinion those are two different kind of people. Teagan is his assistant, so there is a bit of banter playing around Axton’s grumpiness, which is great on my book.

Bad Sex, Cliché: The worst part of the story is the love relationship. There is a single naughty scene in the book (no place for more) and it got to make me uncomfortable. First, all precaution measures are forgotten, which is something that makes me frown everytime. Then, the author drops the V card in a rather weak and underdeveloped way. As if it was just one more cherry in Axton’s menu… And we obviously have to end the book with the guy dropping to his knees just one week after being romantically involved with Teagan… Are there no other kinds of happiness in this world?


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