Review: Deliverance by Nicholas Bella



Author: Nicholas Bella
Series: Gods and Slaves #3

Pages: 128


“Love is worth the risk to those who fight for it.”

Forbidden love has pit god and against god as jealousies reach new heights. With everything on the line, Mateo and Eloy must risk it all to stay together, or die trying. When Odessa and Kijani object to their relationship under the law that it is forbidden, they decide that killing Mateo is the only way to free Eloy from what they deem is his obsession with the human. Eloy and Mateo know what they feel is love, their very souls call out for the other. They will not let anyone get between them, no matter what. This finale is sure to leave its bloody mark.

Paranormal Romance: This is the end of the trilogy. I’m going to be rather generous with the last story and give it a really good mark that I’m not sure is deserved. Yes, the book is easy-to-read with a quick pace and enjoyable characters, but it is far from the sweet impact of the first book. Gone are the cruelty and the sexual assaults. The violence for the sake of violence. This last story could almost be considered sweet, even. It was meant to leave a lasting mark on my reader life, but it is dangerously closed to the unremarkable pile of books.

And that is all I have to say. I like the author’s style, so I will take a look at other books to see if something catches my eye. Recomending this trilogy is pretty hard, because the first book is not an easy one to swallow. But if you are able to pass that test, you will find that the rest of the saga is much more mainstream… Curiously, that is why it loses what it made the saga special.


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