Review: (Not) The One by Donna Alam



Author: Donna Alam
Pages: 402


Three reasons why rebound s-e-x with my hot neighbour is a very bad idea.

1. My life is already complicated enough
2. He knows I wear Batman undies (please don’t ask)
3. He’s older, sophisticated and so hot he makes me go weak at the knees

I know that’s more than three. But it still didn’t stop me.

On paper, we’re the worst kind of match.
He’s rich.
I’m . . . not. My second job is pet sitting!
He says we’re friends.
I say barely, but I do love those benefits . . .
The man rocks my world.
But he’s so not the one.
Which is unfortunate,
Because he’s also the one who got me pregnant.

Contemporary Romance: This story follows the lives of Miranda and James. The former a pet-sitter and event manager, who just want to get away from her parents and a painful relationship with her ex. And James, the businessman and womanizer whose only love was his job until he met the so-called right woman. They meet and that’s it… you know the rest. Is that enough to keep you engaged during 400 pages?

zZz: Let me answer that question: big fat NO! This book is boring. A true challenge to keep awake while dealing with the uneventful lives of these characters. Just a sex scene after another that bring almost nothing to the plot. Well, actually… that is normal. If there is no plot, nothing you write can add to it… We are told about sweet scenes and interesting talks that happen behind the scenes… something that should have been narrated to the reader in order to feel somekind of love development. But no… it seems the author thought we were only interested in the naughty bits. It is a shame. The story started really well, with some sense of humor that made it easy-to-read; but that style is fast discarded and forgotten…

Angry, $$$, Love?: The worst part of the book is no doubt James’ courting techniques. He blatantly uses his money to manipulate MIranda’s life in order to leave her in a fragil situation where he can hunt his prey. And she is none the wiser! How unhealthy and wrong is that? How can the author expect that we are going to believe a love story based on lies and manipulations? That was so utterly bad, that I think the accident was added to create somekind of empathy towards James. Mission failed. I wished for his death… There… I said it!

Great cover: I must admit that Oliver Hines looks really good in that pic. The cover designer did a great job with the display, but 75% of the job was already done after choosing such shot. I could even dare to say it is one of the few pics of this guy where he looks great. In my opinion, it is not an easy model to capture. And yes, I picked the book bercause the cover caught my eye. Something I can say about most of Donna Alam’s books (she is a lucky author in that regard), but after this first fiasco I will wait longer than expected to pick another one. But I’m all about second and third chances, so sooner or later I will read another of her books.


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