Wildcard: Volume Three – Missy Johnson



Author: Missy Johnson
Series: Wildcard #3
Pages: 110


She’s hiding something from me and I need to know what it is.
I’ve done so many things I never thought I’d do for this woman and it kills me that she’s lying to me.
How can I make her see that she can trust me?
Do I want to know the truth?
Sometimes things are easier when they’re left unsaid…

With this third part of Wildcard I finish a saga I started a long time ago. This is part of my let’s-finish-them resolution. Already December and this is the first one I have finished… about 50 more to go. Obviously, the resolution will still be active in the following years (and possibly in other lifes, if you believe in such things).

The second part ended with Scarlett hiring a hitman to take out her ex-boyfriend and with Ryder paying to the later a lot of money to leave Scarlett and Jake alone. There are too many secrets boling and, to put the cherry on top, Jake is again very sick…

Finally, the big bad secret of Scarlett is out in the world to be properly dissected. And yes, it was as bad as the author makes us believe during the previous books. It’s a crime she comitted willingly in order to get rid of Tony, her ex-boyfriend. It ended badly: rape. That is why she is so scared of letting Tony tell anyone. Scarlett doesn’t want to give Fate the chance to pull her apart from Jake. Hiring a hitman is a bit extreme, but the love of a mother is boundless…

Buuut, for some reason I still don’t understand, the author ignores the hitman bluntly. I mean, he is mentioned now and then, but he never fulfills his mission. I know some lowlifes beat him to it, but… shouldn’t he return the money? Or at least say something? I have no idea if he had any intention of doing it. Was he a conman? If that is the case… was Scarlett’s friend on it? I know it’s stupid, but I feel there is a whole book out there that for some reason wasn’t told.

Apart from that, I must repeat myself in my adoration towards Ryder. I feel so comfortable reading his point of view. He is such a nice guy with a cocky sense of humor that adds many layers to the enjoyment of the book. Once again, his interactions with Callie are the best part. I’m going to miss this guy like crazy, although he has a couple of huge missteps: the breaking and entering into Scarlett’s house to sort through her things and impersonating her to exchange some messages with Scarlett’s friend. With any other guy, it would be the end of my love for him. With Ryder, even though I don’t like it a tiny bit, I know it comes from a good place. He is worried sick about her and he doesn’t have the experience to deal with such emotions. He was a colder than ice jerk and he barely knows what to do with the warm sensation in his chest… So, yeah, big mistakes are bound to happen. Good to know he is a really fast learner.

Missy could have skipped the usual ending of a Romance Book: the I-barely-know-you-but-here-you-have-an-engagement-ring ending. It made me cringe a little bit, but if I’m being honest, it wasn’t as bad as in other books. I guess I can forgive Ryder even the most repetitive mistake of the Romance genre!!

According to the prmotions at then end, there is a book starred by Callie. Too bad it doesn’t say the title. I’ve lookng through Missy’s book, but I haven’t been able to find it. There is a fair chance of meeting Ryder in that one…


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Wildcard: Volume Two – Missy Johnson



Author: Missy Johnson
Series: Wildcard #2
Pages: 75


I’m so fucking pissed off that she would do this to me.

I really thought we had something, but instead, I’m left feeling like an idiot.

All I want to do is go back home and forget the last few weeks ever happened, but I’m stuck in this stupid country teaching tennis to spoiled rich kids who care less about playing than I do.

All I want to do is forget about her.

But things are never that easy, are they?

I got the first volume of Wildcard for free in Amazon a long time ago. I loved it. The main characters were very fun to read. I purchased the next two volumes, but I forgot about them until now. Now, Wildcard is a single book; but I will read them as they were originally released. Let’s review the second one!!

If you don’t remember (I barely did), the first one ended with a massive cliffhanger. Scarlett was kissing his ex in front of Ryder. Obviously there must be something else behind that act, but the tennis player is pretty angry and jelous. Jelousy that only grows bigger in the second book when Scarlett avoids him for a while. Later we learn that the ex is blackmailing her, so Ryder puts on his best white knight armor to protect her.

This book, as the previous one, is very simple and easy to read; but Ryder is such a great character that the time invested is worthy. Granted, it’s a short book; so no much time is needed to finish it. His arrogance and cockiness drive everyone crazy in many senses, but it’s so much fun for the reader! You can tell that deep down he has a really big heart and that he cares for the wellness of the people around him. His coaching lessons are the best part of this second volume… Has he found a Nemesis?? And the banter with Josh!! It’s kind of heartwarming to read a couple of guys that are rivals in the tennis court, but best friends out of it.

Ryder’s jelousy attack doesn’t last long and Scarlett is capable of explaining to him what her ex is trying to accomplish. He helps her as best he can, but Ryder is not a warrior; so Scarlett has a plan B that I guess we will see in motion in the third volume. Will Tony accept Ryder’s money or will he face the hitman? By the way, how can Scarlett afford to pay the hitman and not her ex? It’s the same amount of money.

I’m also worried about Scarlett’s son. He is in the hospital due to some breathing issues… I hope he is OK. It must be hard for Scarlett to keep away from her son in order to protect him from his father. That reminds me of the secret she is still hiding… What is that thing so terrible that his ex is using against her?? Will that put in danger her relationship with Ryder once again? The player is having some trouble trusting her…

I also need to mention that the three books have some really nice stock photos as covers. The simple composition is perfect. Too bad the are so many words all over it…

The cliffhnager of this book is not as big as the one in the first volume. I wouldn’t even call it a cliffhanger. Anyway, I need to know how this will end; so I hope to read the third volume this year.


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The Rivalry – Nikki Sloane



Author: Nikki Sloane
Pages: 352


This tight end is at the top of his game.

He’s good with his hands, even better with his sexy mouth, and the best at making me forget my own name. His—ahem—stats are perfect.

But I can’t fall for him.

He might be everything I want, all rolled into a glorious package of gridiron god, but there’s one teeny-tiny problem. The vile, loathsome team I’ve spent my entire life hating—my beloved school’s arch-rival?

This guy is their star player.

According to many people over Goodreads, this book is New Adult, but after reading it, I don’t think that’s the case. At least, it’s nothing similar to other New Adult books I have read. Which it’s a good thing, because that genre hasn’t given me much joy.

This story is about Kayla, a cheerleader for the Ohio State University football team, and Jay, the star player of the Michigan team. The problem, those teams are the nemesis of each other. There is a lot of hate between them. Kayla is a fanatic supporter of her team, so falling in love with a Michigan player makes her uneasy. The story is about getting over that rivalry and just enjoy themselves as human beings. At least that is what the author tries to do.

I must admit I’m not a sports fan, so maybe I don’t understand Kayla’s behaviour defending her team. It’s not just that she thinks OSU is the greatest ever (as every fan should), she also hates with an annoying passion everything Michigan. Not only the football team. The whole Universitty, the colours, the people… It’s crazy!! And so wrong!! Her mother is even worse, though. Everytime Kayla and Jay had a fight about the rivalry, I wanted to scream (well, I screamed a lot actually): “Get over it, you idiot!!“. I couldn’t believe she was about to sacrifice something good in her life just because their football interests were unaligned. She was even incapable of answering the question: “Who do you love more? Jay or the Ohio team?“.

Along most of the book, Jay is presented as the levelheaded one. The adult that claims the rivalry is stupid and they shoud look beyond that to forge a strong relationship. I was digging that. Tall, handsome, hot, nice, funny and also smart. Almost the perfect combo!! And Kayla was about to dispose of him due to her football preferences!! Buuuut, by the end of the book Jay shows his true colours. Yes, he doesn’t care about the rivalry between the two teams. But I think the real reason behind that is that Jay believes that the Michigan team is so superior that calling Ohio a rival is crazy. When he loses his playbook, the mask is dropped. Once the Michigan team is in danger, Jay doesn’t care for anything else and becomes a pretty mean person. In just one chapter he loses a lot of points for my list of book boyfriends. You could have been great, Jay. Just shut up and be pretty the next time.

Even though the rivalry was driving me crazy, I must admit it is also the reason this book is a lot of fun. I was laughing hard very often. The banter among the may characters of the book is the best part of the story. So, thumbs up for Nikki. Writing a fun book is not an easy task!!

What I didn’t like was the ending. The rivalry was such a big issue during the whole book, that I don’t understand how it becomes forgotten smoke in the last chapter. Not only is fast and confusing, it happens during The Match. That dreadful encounter of Michigan vs Ohio… The same match that should have brought Kayla and Jay appart for a long time. At least, that would have made more sense. Instead of that, they become closer together. Kayla even cheers the last play of Jay. The one that gave the win to Michigan… Where the hell is the real Kayla?? They got their happy ending too fast if you ask me.

It’s my first Nikki Sloane’s book, but I will check more by her. I like the style of this book. A nice surprise that was very enjoyable.


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