Review: A Line in the Sand by K. A. Stewart



Author: K. A. Stewart
Series: Jesse James Dawson #5
Pages: 306


Jesse James Dawson is a husband and father who never intended to be the guardian of 275 extra souls, or to find himself in the middle of a demon war. When that war comes right to his front door, endangering his family, he is forced to seek aid from the last people he ever wanted to ask: the Catholic church and the priest sent to protect him, Cameron.

The Order of St. Silvius is made up of warrior-priests, operating out of its home base in Vatican City. The holy order has been facing off with demons for centuries. In a city as ancient and steeped in magic as Rome is, a few centuries is plenty of time to hide a few secrets, and what Jesse and Cameron don’t know could get them killed.

First of all, I LOVE this saga!! I swear I love it!! Even though I bought the book two years ago and haven’t read until today, I LOVE the saga!! I just have a lot of selfcontrol… OK. OK. I’m busted. I truly love this saga, but I forgot about the fifth book until I saw it in my shelf… still wrapped with the plastic used by the delivery company. Shame on me!!

I have always been a slow reader by choice, but lately I’m even slower due to the duties of life. This book of Jesse James has lasted about two days… that’s how much I LOVE this saga!! Yes, I will always use capital letters. My love is big!! Also, the book is kind of short; but still this time record is a big deal for me. Anyway, I guess you haven’t entered here to read about myself, so… Let’s review a book, shall we?

Jesse James Dawson is a demon hunter that not long ago became the vessel of 275 souls. As in every fantasy book, souls are pretty powerful and a wet dream for any baddie out there. So, his life is in constant danger due to them. He even lives with two bodyguards that keep him safe at all time. But the good Jesse knows that he can’t continue like that. He has a wfie and children… Demons breaking and entering at all time is not really the best scenario to rise a family.

So, the quest begins to get rid of the souls!! The companions: Sveta, the deadly champion; Cameron, the warlock priest and Ivan, the sick mentor. All of them travel to Rome to meet the leader of Cam’s Order (warrior monks or something like that). Jesse hopes that Order could help him to release the souls so nobody can claim their power. Obviously, nothing is as simple as that and soon the whole team is running for their lives. The whole team + a local nun that could totally be a superhero based in Italy. Is there something the lady couldn’t do? She is even funny!! K. A. Stewart is SO good creating characters!! Every time I finish a book of this saga I think about a half dozen characters that could have their own books. Fingers crossed for future spin-offs!!

Even though I LOVE Jesse, my all-time favourite is Axel. It’s not because he is a blond bad boy, not at all (OK, OK… a little bit of that). The main reason is because he is a mystery. He is a demon, but more than evil we could say he is mischievous (think about Loki). Yes, he has his own agenda; but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care for Jesse and company. I honestly think he is a good guy and the author has given me a lot of points to support that in this book. I won’t spoiler them, but let’s say I wasn’t expecting that revelation about Axel.

As always, the book is packed with action and crazy funny jokes. Yes, I get Jesse’s sense of humor. And I LOVE (I promise, I won’t do this again) all his T-shirts!! Where does he get so many silly ones? I have never seen anything like that in any shop of my town!! This book has made me laugh hard more often than not.

The end is heartbreakening… I wasn’t expecting that :(. I hope everything gets better, but doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anytime soon. The sixth book hasn’t been published yet. I don’t even know if K. A. Stewart has finished it. We will have to wait and I promise I won’t forget reading the next one.


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