Review: Untraveled by Anna Hackett



Author: Anna Hackett
Series: Treasure Hunter Security #5

Pages: 222


After a mission gone terribly wrong, former Navy SEAL Hale Carter has made a good career for himself at Treasure Hunter Security. He gets to use his engineering skills designing new gadgets, his SEAL skills providing security for exciting expeditions and treasure hunts, and he enjoys a variety of ladies on his downtime. He might still be plagued by nightmares, but all in all, life is good. Then he volunteers for a dangerous undercover mission into the Kalahari Desert, alongside a cool, attractive FBI agent who challenges him at every turn.

Special Agent Elin Alexander is driven to bring down the deadly black-market antiquities ring Silk Road. She’s experienced firsthand how they destroy lives and she’s vowed to end their greed and killing. After months of undercover work, she’s eager for the mission to find the Lost City of the Kalahari. What she wasn’t expecting was six-feet-three inches of former Navy SEAL as her partner. Hale is too handsome, too sexy, and isn’t inclined to follow orders.

As the pair infiltrate the Silk Road hunt, Hale and Elin find themselves fighting a scorching attraction as they work to discover just what the lost city is hiding. But stuck in the bowels of a legendary ancient mine, Hale and Elin must put their trust in each other, to not only save the day, but to get out alive.

This fifth book of the Treasure Hunter Security saga is more or less like the other ones during most of the book: fast pace full of adventures and action scenes that won’t let you rest to assess the situation, tidbits of general culture that makes this saga something special and unexpected, bursts of monkey sex in the dampest and darkest places you can imagine… Easy-to-read and very enjoyable, even though it is practically the same book as the previous ones but with different characters and slightly different story.

But this time the love relationship has rubbed me the wrong way. I know this is the kind of book where I’m more likely to find fast love between two total strangers, but in previous stories was treated with far more respect towards the intelligence of the readers. Everything was going according to plan until the end. It ruins everything. In books less enjoyable that ending would have been a total failure of the story, but with this one I will be magnanimous. That rushed behaviour goes against both characters and, in realf life, nothing good could happen out of it. Sadly, that is what is usually called a HEA ending in Romance

In any case, this is still a perfect book to spend a fun evening!


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