Review: Light Me Up by Shannon McKenna



Author: Shannon McKenna
Series: The Obsidian Files #3.5
Pages: 170


All night long…

Tycoon and secret supersoldier Noah Gallagher never expected to beat the Obsidian Group at their evil game—genetically altering runaway kids—but he did, with the help of the brave and beautiful Caro Bishop, the love of his life. The two of them survived that wild adventure, but only just. Noah is crazy for his new bride, knowing all the while that being with him puts her at constant risk. Their love, their closeness, and the intense passion they share are shadowed by fear. Obsidian’s relentless hunt to recapture its rebels will never stop. Noah would die to save her—but now is not the time to tell her that.

Caro’s relaxing on their deluxe honeymoon in Italy, rediscovering treasures of Renaissance art, when they’re invited to the public unveiling of the latest secret sensation in the art world, the newly excavated Cross of Orazio. Caro is beyond thrilled. Noah is not. The guest list is packed with politicians, corporate moguls, celebrities, and entourages. Social media coverage will follow them everywhere.

Caro’s wild to go and Noah can’t deny her pleasure of any kind. They’ll stay off the red carpet. Admire the cross and leave for an erotic rendezvous he’s planned in advance, right down to the rose petals and silken cords. What could go wrong?

Everything. The fabled Cross of Orazio is more than it seems, and now he and Caro are right in the line of fire…

Romantic Suspense: Noah and Caro are enjoying a well-deserved honeymoon in Italy or, at least, Caro is. Noah is obsessed with danger everywhere and his recently minted wife is starting to get bored with that attitude. But the enhanced human knows how to keep her entertained while perfoming security processes. And guess what? There is danger ahead! The villain of the tale is planning something big to become the biggest fish on the pond… Will the happy couple be able to stop him before is too late or will their sexual needs get in the way of justice?

Frenzy: The second are thrid books of this saga were a bit weak in the action department. And by action I mean the fist fights, the bullet exchanges, the car chases or the the running for your life. The bedroom action was present in abundance. That’s why I have enjoyed this short book much more than the previous ones. The balance between both aspects of the genre is almost perfect. Besides, we have plenty of scenes from the point of view of the bad guy, which I always find refreshing. Too bad is not something we find often in the Romance genre.

This is the last book of The Obsidian Files that has been published. That was in 2018… After so many years, I won’t hold my breath waiting for the next one. Too bad, I would have liked to get a proper ending.


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