Review: Dominion by Nicholas Bella



Author: Nicholas Bella
Series: Gods and Slaves #1

Pages: 122


In a world controlled by the Celestial Gods of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water, the life of a slave is inconsequential. A relationship between the god and human, outside of instant gratification, is strictly forbidden. To the gods, all humans exist to serve them, but only those who have influence over the masses have been spared a certain degradation of servitude as long as they carry out the wishes of the gods.

When Mateo is captured by bandits and taken into slavery. He has no idea what his future holds, but he knows it can’t be good. He is from the badlands, places so far removed from the gods’ temples, that they are practically barren. The people of the celestial cities look upon them as blasphemers, and less than human. He is poor, he has no influence, no education, and no skills that he could use to elevate himself to a status deserving of the gods’ mercy. So, when he’s sold off to a Ludus to be trained as a gladiator if he survives the Trial of Fate, his curse and his hope for salvation become unified. Either in life of death, he will pay tribute to the gods and respect their Dominion.

Eloy is the powerful and merciless God of Fire and like the flames he controls, his temper and desires run just as hot bordering on insatiable. When he sets his eyes on Mateo for the first time, he becomes intrigued. Watching the human fight so bravely, ignited his passion in an intensity that can only be matched by his lust for blood and entertainment. Being a god with millions of humans worshiping him, he’s used to getting exactly what he wants and right now, he wants Mateo

Paranormal Romance, Dystopia: The first detail that caught my eye about this book (apart from the cover…) is the setting of the story. It could look like the plot takes place in the Ancient Rome, but in fact we have to travel 200 years into the future to meet Mateo an Eloy. The author creates an extinction level situation in the year 2012 led by vengeful gods and gifts us with a new society ruled by those same gods, where blood sports are the main entertaintment for the rulers and rich humans. It is actually a pretty well thought world building for a book whose main focus is crude sex.

Dark, Rape: This story is not for the faints of heart or prudes. It is pretty crude in all the descriptions of the many and colourful abuses that poor Mateo suffers every single page. Most of them are forced sex that could make a reader uncomfortable. I don’t usually enjoy those kind of scenes, but I must admit in this book the author has been able to give those scenes an honest voice. My only concern is how those scenes are going to evolve to create a true romance between Eloy and Mateo, because right now it seems pretty unlikely and unhealthy.

In all honesty, I was expecting to be grossed out by this book, but it is much more enjoyable than I thought. Yes, it is a bit brutish, but that is because the world those four gods have created is pretty cruel and unmerciful.


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